24th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update Mein Maayke Chali Jaungi

Jaya has still not received the message she sent her earlier concerning the doctor. The doctor says he will have to give electric shocks to Satya.
Samar tries to convince Jaya and others for the electric shock therapy on Satya. The doctor makes all the arrangements of the shock therapy.
Suddenly, Jaya gets the message sent by Satya. She stops the doctor from treating Satya further. Jaya asks him to show his medical certificate first.
The doctor gives Jaya the proof of his credibility. Samar tells Satya that he has brought a real doctor. He asks her to end her fake drama.
Jaya intervenes and stops the doctor from giving Satya and electric shock. She requests doctor to find some other treatment for Satya.
During the night, Satya tells Samar that she will never let Richa and Jaya move away from her. She says she will continue this drama for life to keep her daughters with her.
Samar gets a new plan to end Satya’s fake drama.
In the morning, Samar wakes up everyone with his prayers. Samar tells them that he has kept a fast for Satya’s recovery.
He says he has arranged a Mahamrityunjay jaap for Satya’s good health. Satya and Richa stay back at home. Samar leaves the puja in midway.
Samar comes to Satya’s house disguised as a goon. He threatens to attack Satya while Richa is not with her.