Aapke Aa Jane Se 30th August 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Sahil meets Sadika in the police station and recognizes her. He takes her to her mother. Maya was there with Vaidika, he was shocked to see Sadika runs straight to Vaidika.
Nani comes to Bari Amma and taunts that it seems some of Bari Amma’s trick has gone the other way round, she looks tensed since the time Sahil went to police station.
Sahil comes to Vaidika and asks if this is her daughter? He wonders how someone can change so much in five years, he wonders how one can be such an idiot to misunderstand a person. He asks Sadika about her father. Sadika says her papa is out of India, he came when she was little. Vaidika thinks she wish to tell Sahil that Sadika is his daughter, but before that he must trust her. Maya tries to explain to Sahil about the truth. Sahil clarifies that

Maya’s friend will always be a culprit in his eyes, he wish she rots behind bar but can’t part a daughter from her mother. He turns to leave.
Bari Amma was furious over Nani and goes to Aarya’s room to push her out of the house. Nani follows her. Aarya was in her room when she notice the curtain of her room move strangely. She was cautious and asks who is there. A young guy sat in her window with a rose in his mouth. Aarya was fearful but he says he reached India after 20 hours flight, he won’t be afraid of anyone. They sat in the room together. Soon, they hear Bari Amma approaching.
Bari Amma enters the room to pack her bag. Nani follows her inside. They were just having a fight when Bhoomi comes to part them both. She tells Bari Amma that Aarya holds special place for her and Sahil both, and right now they must only be thankful that Ved is fine. After the elders have left, Bhoomi notices something strange in the cupboard the guy was hiding.
Puneesh brings a bundle of money and gift for Nisha. She opens the door and was happy to see Puneesh, but asks why he is always wandering around her all the time. She accepts the gifts but slaps the door shut. Puneesh wish she allows him inside for once only.
Bhoomi picks the phone from near the cupboard and instructs Aarya to sleep, its already too late. Aarya was relieved. After Bhoomi has left the room, the guy comes out of the cupboard claiming Aarya’s family to be a complete melo-drama.
Sahil was baldy drunk. He was saddened because he thought Vaidika married someone else in these five years, she even had a child. He calls himself stupid, Vaidika never loved him. He falls on the floor. There, Vaidika was praying in front of the temple in her old house. Sahil reached the door. Vaidika hears the sound and comes outside. She helps Sahil from drooling, they share an eye lock. Sahil jerks her away and says she always wish to see him hurt. He injures his hand by hitting it on the gate. Sahil gets him away. Sahil says he is hurt at heart, and Vaidika won’t have any medicine for him. She was the one to betray him. He blames Vaidika for moving on in life and never look behind. She remarried and even bore a child; is there anything special in that person to win her heart? Do he love her more than he, Sahil does? He can never imagine anyone can love Vaidika more than him. Why she chose others over him in life repeatedly? Sahil was badly drunk and fell down.

PRECAP: Bhoomi tries Vaidika’s number and was worried for him. Vaidika brings Sahil home saying he came home. Vaidika thanks Bhoomi for taking care of not only Sahil but Bhoomi and Ved as well.