Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeti’s Plan To Kill Tejaswini’s Child

Tejaswini with Prem travels in a car. Prem applies sudden breaks and asks Tejaswini if she is hurt. Tejaswini asks why he is concerned and asks to continue driving. She repeats directions. Preeti’s goons follow them and discuss that they have to kill Tejaswini’s child today, else Preeti will not spare them. Prem gets out of car and asks Tejaswini to get out of car. Once she gets out, he leaves. Tejaswini sees goons walking towards her and informs Dharam over phone. Dharam asks to run as she cannot face them. Prem returns and gets her into car and leaves. Tejaswini informs Dharam that Prem came. Prem asks directions again and Tejaswini shows directions. Prem says they will go out of Rajpipla. Tejaswini says she has 3 hours and wants to spend time with him. Goons continue following them.

Preeti over phone scolds goons to catch them soon. She turns and panics seeing Dharam. Dharam acts as not hearing anything and says he brought her medicine. He forces her to have medicine. Preeti relaxes thinking Dharam did not hear anything. Priyal and Suman watch that and think Dharam is taking care of Preeti so well and realized that Preeti is real bahu of their house. Once the leave, Dharam tells Preei it is same medicine which she gave Prem and made him mad, he has doubled the dose. Preeti panicks. Dharma goes to his room and thinks he gave multivitamin and Preeti will overreract. Preeti starts panicking. Anand and others see that and call doc who suggests to tie her, else she will harm herself and others. Preeti over phone informs Mandira and Mandira yells that she is worried about herself while Tejaswini and Prem are untiing. Anand knocks door. Preeti leaves phone and jumps on bed. Dharam silently picks phone and sees Mandira’s call. Anand ties Preeti. Dharam makes Mandira hear everything.. Mandira disconnects call.

Prem gets out of car and scolds Tejaswini. Goons attack them. Prem beats goons. One of goons hits Prem’s head and he collapses. Goon then laughs on Tejaswini how will she escape now. Tejaswini calls Dharam, but he is busy teaching Preeti a lesson. She runs and goons follow her. She calls Dharam repeatedly. Her phone falls down. Dharam returns to his room and sees Tejaswini’s many missed calls. He calls back, but her phone is not reachable. Tejaswini’s phone switches off. Tejaswini hides and goons continue searching her. She feels guilty for leaving Prem alone injured. Dharam gets concerned for Prem and Tejaswini.

Precap: Goons catch Tejaswini and laugh that they will kill her child. Tejaswini pleads not to harm her child and calls unconscious Prem.