Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini Proves Her Innocence

Tejaswini runs from goons and hides. She tricks them and reaches back to Prem. She gets Prem into car and escapes. Goons fume that she fooled them and escape. They continue searching her. Preeti calls them and they ignore her call in fear. Mandira calls them next, they ignore even her. Mandira fumes.

Dharam prays matarani to protect Tejaswini and Prem. Tejaswini continues driving car and it starts stopping due to petrol finishing. She takes car aside into jungle thinking if goons will see car, they will realize she is somewhere around. She then gets Prem out of car and takes him to a temple and pleads pujari and people around to save her husband as goons are behind them. Pujari takes them in and treats Prem.

Mandira continues calling goons repeatedly.

Goon picks call, and Mandira scolds them how dare they are to ignore her call. Goon says they are searching Prem and Tejaswini still. Mandira warns them to fight Tejaswini and kill her child soon. Goons find Tejaswini and drag her away.

Rajvir returns home and boasts he will take revenge from Dharam’s family and not spare them. He calls Mandira who informs that she has sent her goons to kill Tejaswini’s child. Rajvir angrily scolds that he warned not to do any mistake for 24 hours as Tejaswini wants them to do mistake. He yells that she is so dumb and he made a mistake trusting her, orders to stop her goons. Goons catch Tejaswini and one of them head towards her to kill her child. Tejawini calls Prem for help, but he is still unconscious. Goon is about to kill Tejaswini’s stomach when Mandira calls him. He switches on phone’s speaker. Mandira asks not to kill Tejaswini and her child and inform anyone that she wanted to kill Tejaswini’s child to prove Tejaswini wrong. Prem wakes up and hears everything. Tejaswini warns Mandira that she is finished now. Prem also shouts Mandira. Mandira disconnects call. Prem beats goons and rescues Tejaswini.

Mandira asks Rajvir why he wants to take revenge from Dharam. Rajvir says he will when he destroys Dharam. He asks her to get out and starts smoking cigar.

Prem drives car and looking at Tejaswini feels guilty for doubting her. He takes her home and calls family to come out and see whom he brought. Family comes out and is shocked to see injured Prem. Drama continues….

Precap: Prem pleads Tejaswini to punish him the way she wants but forgive him. Tejaswini says until her heart agrees, she will not forgive him and till then she will snatch is right of her child’s father and her husband.