Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Deep informs Dharam that Prem is fighting with Tejaswini’s mamaji and takes him down. Prem scolds Mamaji that he is worst than shakuni mama. Dharam asks what happened. Prem says mamaji was recording Dharam and buaji’s conversation. Anand says he told already that Tejaswini’s family is untrustable. Prem plays recording and shows Dhaream scolding bua that he will not do anything wrong. Prem further tells Mamaji if he saw that his pappa is, breaks phone and asks him to get out. Anand says he should have taught mamaji a lesson and tries to hit Mamaji, but Dharam holds his hand and says Rathore’s consider samdhi and guest as god. Anand tries to hit Mamaji again. Dharam slaps him and warns dare not trouble his guest. Anand leaves. Dharam requests Mamaji to leave.

He leaves with family. Dharam thinks he is sparing Prem because of his and Tejaswini’s relationship. Everyone walks away. Prem scolds Tejaswini that because of her, his family is breaking.
Mandira bua sees Anand standing sadly and thinks it is a best chance to get him near her and tells Dharam is so arrogant and slapped his bharath like brother. Anand says she is acting like Manthra and can never separate him from his bothers. Mamaji passes by with his family. Bua thinks whom to use to break Dharam’s house. Pooja walks looking at her.

Prem enters room and seeing Tejaswini crying comments that she tried to harm his family, but herself is in trouble. Tejaswini confronts why did he insult mamaji. Prem says his pappa accepted constable mamaji for him, but constable is not worthy. He accepts again that he will make her life hell at any cost and walks out. Tejaswini runs behind him and stands in front of his car. He asks her to get away from his way and walks on road.

Mamaji returns home. Mamaji yells that Dharam’s family maybe rich, but they cannot insult them, Sharda says mamaji it is his mistake, if he had gone there as constable, then he should not have taken family with him, he was never like that. Mamaji confronts and shouts that he was doing his duty and will take revenge from Dharam. Preeti smirks.

Prem walks on road and Tejaswini walks behind him. Bua watches sitting in car. She calls someone and tells Dharam thinks she is same Mandira, she wants to give pain to Dharam via Prem. She orders driver to make Prem’s accident. Driver speeds towards Prem. Tejaswini saves him on time and nurses his wound. Prem thinks she saved him and smiles. Main Phir bhi tumko chahunga…song..plays in the background. Prem reminisces Tejaswini’s lies next and walks away angrily.

Arjun calls Preeti and apologizes for what happened at Dharam’s home. Preeti blames it on Tejawini and brainwashes him against Tejaswini, acts as emotional and requests to meet him. Sharda hears him. Even Tejaswini hears Arjun’s conversation and reminisces confronting Preeti what she is up to and why she is trapping Arjun. Preeti challenges her that she cannot understand her plan and cannot do anything. Drama continues.

Precap: Prem tells Sarla that he is not getting his diary. Sarla checks cupboard and finds snacks. Dharam asks servant to get fruits for Tejaswini as she is fasting. Sarla says Tejaswini is having food and he need not worry. Prem smirks.