Tejaswini walks into Prem’s and seeing Preeti there thinks if Preeti is also behind her and Prem’s issues. Preeti gets nervous seeing her and says she got milk for Jijaji. Tejaswini thanks her and leaves. Preeti thinks she will befriend Prem and vent out her revenge.

Sharda comes to meet Tejaswini and asks what is happening, showing Tejaswini’s news in newspaper. Tejaswini tries to change topic, but Sharda insists. Tejaswini informs her all the incidents happened. Sharda asks why did not she inform her after so much happened. She consoles Tejaswini and walks towards door when Priyal enters and taunts that parents always think their children are saints when they are evil. Sharda backs her and badmouths about Tejaswini and says she does not consider Tejaswini as

her bahu. Both Priyal and Sharda continue badmouthing Tejaswini. Sharda sadly leaves.

Preeti walks to Prem’s room and seeing him apply medicine to his injury insists to help. Tejaswini watches standing near door and thinks Preeti is so good, she is helping Prem on her request. Preeti smirks.

Priyal walks into Dharam’s room and seeing him sleeping silently keeps newspaper on table and leaves, thinking he will see Tejaswini’s news and lose trust on her. Dharam wakes up and picks newspaper to read it, but sees it blurr. He puts on his spectacles and picks paper again. Tejaswini walks in holding tea and khakra and gets tensed seeing newspaper in Dharam’s hand. Priyal walks to her room singing and dances with Anand. Anand asks reason. She says she kept newspaper in front of Dharam, now Dharam will read news of Tejaswini’s character and will throw her out of his seat and give it to Anand. Anand angrily tries to slap her and asks if she is so selfish, doctor suggested not to give any tension to mota bhai/Dharm. Dhar am asks Tejaswini where is his favorite kachori, if she is on Sarla’s side and brought khakra . She says yes and silently drops tea on newspaper and walks out holding stained news paper.

Tejaswini thinks someone is trying to create misunderstanding between her and Prem. Rajvir calls her and says she should handle school project alone as he does not want anyone defame her again. She thinks Rajvir is good. She climbs chair and tries to pick suitcase from cupboard and is about to lose balance and slip when Prem holds and save her on time. She asks why did he save her and her child, he should have let them injured. He says he will not answer her questions. She holds him and emotionally pleads to trust her and give her some time to prove that someone is trying to harm their relationship. Prem thinks why his heart says to believe her. Mai phir bhi tum ko chahunga…song.. Prem leaves. Tejaswini continues crying alone. Someone walks into room wearing shawl and she gets tensed..

Precap: Tejaswini thinks she light kapoor/camphor, then why this smoke is emerging. She suffocates. Preeti locks door from outside and thinks now there will be a blast. Tejaswini knocks door.