Tejaswini walks to a room to do pooja and lights camphor. Mandira calls Preeti and asks if Dharam saw Teajswini’s news. Preeti says not yet, but she mixed poison in camphor and locked room, when Tejaswini will burn camphor, she and her child will die within 5 minutes. Tejaswini starts suffocating inhaling toxic fumes and prays god to save her child. Prem passes by and seeing smoke from the room breaks door and is shocked to see Tejaswini unconscious on floor. He lifts and rushes her to room. Doc checks her and says she thinks child’s life is in danger due to toxic fumes and if Tejaswini does not wake up within 1 hour, she should be hospitalized and may lose baby. Prem gets worried for Tejaswini and waits next to her. Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga…song…plays in the

background. He thinks he cannot lose Tejaswini and hopes she wakes up before 1 hour. Tejaswini opens eyes and sees him standing. He walks out.

Tejaswini walks to pooja room and checks camphor bottle and finds only camphor in it. Preeti reminisces changing bottle beforehand. Mandira calls her and asks if Tejaswini died. Preeti says her plan failed. Mandira asks constable to take her to hospital and informs Preeti to meet her midway. She leaves in an ambulance. Tejaswini follows her in a car thinking Mandira is behind all her problems and is not mentally unstable. Mandira calls Preeti from ambulance and asks her to reach soon. She stops ambulance and acts insane standing on road. Preei walks towards her, and she waves her to come soon. Tejaswini thinks her doubt is right and who is coming to meet Mandira. Mandira sees Tejaswini in mirror and signals Preeti to go back. She calls her goon to stop Preeti. Goon pulls Tejaswini away. Preeti ses Tejaswini and thinks if Tejaswini sees her, she will be caught.

Prem walks in to pooja room and checks camphor bottle. He thinks Tejaswini made a drama and prays god to help him. Mandira from jail calls Preeti and informs her plan. Preeti over gunpoint forces Prem’s real estate agent to call Prem and inform office deal is done. On the other side, Rajvir calls his employee and asks him to blindfold himself and hit knife on his fingers. If he harms fingers, then Mandira will lose and he will win, else Mandira will win. Employee nervously plays and injures finger and apologizes. Rajvir says that means Mandira will lose and angrily stabs employee.

Sarla walks on road after grocery shopping. People identify her and says her bahu is characterless, and Dharam and Sarla wrongly made her queen. They walk towards Sarla shouting to kick characterless Tejaswini out of house, they try to harm her. Prem reaches there and is shocked seeing mob trying to harm his mother..

Precap: Mandira congratulates Rajvir and Preeti for their first win and says it’s Dharam defeat. Preeti panics seeing Tejaswini.