Badho Bahu 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky Meets Titli

Lucky leaves quietly from the room.

Pinki asks Teji if he isn’t ashamed to come back in this house. You came back to ruin my life! They both recall the day he was thrown out of the house last time! I cannot bear you for another second! He calls out after her but she walks away in a huff.

Komal finds Lucky lost. She checks his temperature. He shares that he is upset. She says I know how to fix your mood. We should go out like Pragya and Vardaan. He is surprised hearing it. She says they were reluctant but I sent them together somehow. He advises her to listen to others sometimes. You should force. She reasons she is only trying to bring them close and clear their differences. It will happen only when they will spend time with each other. You remember the circumstances under which we got married? Things became better eventually. He agrees she is right but we should meddle in someone else’s affairs. Every couple has a right to choose to be together or part ways. She is taken aback. He insists that he is right. We shouldn’t intervene in their life anymore! He walks away.

Bhago brings milk for Malti ji. I should check her room too. She too must have kept a lot of stuff in her room. She calls out to Malti ji. Malti ji is speaking to Ram ji and tells him that Titli brought milk for her. Ram ji is pleasantly surprised. Malti ji asks Bhago to speak to him. Bhago wonders what she will say to Titli’s father or how to talk to him. She drops the glass intentionally and apologizes to Malti ji who tells her to leave it. You will get hurt. Malti ji ends the call hurriedly. She next asks Bhago to send Bharpayi. She will clean it. Bhago leaves.

Pinki is walking absentmindedly cursing her brother. Don’t know why he came back! I cannot live peacefully at all. Someone or the other stays upset with me! He came inside the house and I dint even know! I don’t know what I should do.

Bhago heaves a sigh of relief as she got saved today. She is walking with her eyes closed and collides with Pinki. Pinki winces in pain. Are you mad or did your father not tell you to walk with your eyes open? You would not be able to do so even if he had taught you! This house and you are equally strange. What will Badho teach you? She will train you to become a wrestler like herself and you will mess up things at your in-laws house! She walks away mumbling to herself. Bhago thinks she said so much to me. She is so concerned about my wedding. I will see if she can save her wedding now!

Komal makes a list as instructed by Malti ji. She tells Komal to send Bharpayi to bring everything today itself. Komal notices her lost in thoughts. Malti ji says I was thinking about childhood. Komal speaks excitedly about Makar Sankranti. Malti ji relates that we pray to Saraswati Mata around this time. On earth, it is our Guru ji. we should do his puja. Komal adds that they should do puja of Babu ji also. Malti ji likes the idea. We can invite all the Guru’s of the village. Komal says we will also keep a painting competition and give scholarship to the best kid. Malti ji loves the idea. KOmal says we only give important to studies nowadays and ignore talent. It should also be encouraged. Malti ji seconds her.

Lucky thinks to do something for Pragya. She has pinned all her hopes on me. I am unable to do anything. I will have to seek someone’s help but whose? He goes outside to think with a clear mind.

A girl sees a lady and her son crying and asks them what happened. The lady says my son was rusticated from the school as I cannot pay his school fees. The girl gives her earrings to them. No one should stop studying. The lady refuses to accept it. The girl says it means nothing to me. My Bapu is after my life to wear them but I am not like other girls. Sell them and use the money to send your kid to school. The lady makes her son thank the girl. The girl pats at his head and wipes his tears. Forget about thank you. Study hard so your mother does not cry again.

The girl receives her father’s call. Ram ji asks her why she isn’t picking his calls. I sent you to Malti ji to learn something. Do whatever she and her DIL will tell you to. You will get married only when you will learn something from them. Learn to live like a girl. You have gained enough medals. Learn to dress up like a girl now. When will you pierce your ears? Titli tells him not to worry so much. I will do as you say. He ends the call assured by her answer. Titli says Bapu keeps talking about my wedding. I don’t wish to! I have so much to worry about. They will take me down one day. She goes to get tea for herself.

Jitesh is surprised to see Lucky at the dhaba. Is something bothering you? Lucky denies. Jitesh says it is ok if you don’t wish to tell. Sit down and listen to all the new songs. I will bring tea for you. Lucky puts on earphones as Jitesh goes to bring tea. Titli also comes to buy tea at the dhaba. 3 guys sit at the seat Titli was planning to sit at. They tease her. She asks them to vacate her seat. Don’t you know the rule of Haryana Roadways? It seems like you don’t know much about all that. They refuse to get up. She tells them to get up easily. If I do something then don’t blame me later on. They laugh. You can even call police. We wont get up. We will get up if you will lift us up. Titli says I told you already. The rest is in your hands. She beats them. Jitesh looks at the condition of the dhaba. Where did this tsunami come from? He notices Lucky listening to songs. Who beat them then? Titli asks the goons if they are content now. Jitesh realises it is this kid who caused all this ruckus. He tries looking at her face but Titli hits Jitesh by mistake. Lucky turns her around thinking her to be some guy but goes quiet realising it’s a girl (Titli).

Precap: Lucky asks Titli to apologize to Jitesh but she outright refuses. Ahlawat Family is doing puja.