Belan Wali Bahu 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Only Killer Roopa Can See Laddo’s Ghost

Belan Wali Bahu 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa rushes to Laddo’s deadbody and says wake up, please wake up. Laddo’s soul/ghost says I wont wake up now because I am gone, Roopa you killed me. Roopa gets in shock and faints. Laddo’s soul says she killed me and now pretending to be unconscious, you killed your husband that too with a balen, I will call police and get you arrested. He comes to his room and searches for his phone and looks around his room. He says I told you she will kill me one day, if she wanted to kill then atleast she could have used gun, knife.. but balen? how embarrassing will that be to tell people to? She deliberately killed me, I wont spare her, I will get her arrested for my murder, just let me find my phone.
In kitchen, Roopa wakes up and doesnt find Laddo’s soul there, she says it was just my imagination? She asks Laddo’s deadbody to wake up, I mistakenly hit with the balen, please wake up, please, please. She says I should call doctor. Roopa comes to lounge and calls doctor, she says I am Roopa, he asks what did you throw? She says I mistakenly hit Laddo with balen. Doctor says wives are like that, my wife doesnt mistakenly hit me with me balen but she does.. you should not hit him on head, you can hit on bum as he wont be able to show or see that. Roopa says he is unconscious, what to do? he says let me tell you.

Laddo’s brother Jitendra comes to kitchen with veggies, he finds Laddo’s deadbody there and says what are you doing here? did you fight with Roopa again? he smells alcohol on him and says you passed out after drinking wine too much? what if Maa knows? have some shame, its day time, I will take you to your room, he tries to lift Laddo but he is heavy, he says dont worry, I wont tell anyone, let me do something. He comes to lounge and sees Roopa talking on call saying she will use ice on him. Jitendra takes wheelchair to kitchen and puts Laddo on wheelchair, he takes him to his room and says Maa should not see you like this.
Laddo’s soul comes to kitchen and says where did my body go? Roopa hid my body.. where is my deadbody? he finds cooker on stove and says did she cook me? no.. he sees dog in porch and says she did make dog eat me? no no.. she must have hidden in the house, I will call police.
Roopa is still talking to doctor in lounge. Jitendra is taking Laddo’s deadbody with fake plaster on his leg to make him seat on wheelchair, he takes him away. Roopa sees him going with Laddo’s body and says where he is taking? She tries to go behind him but strikes with Lata and veggies fall from her, she says sorry, I didnt see, Lata says you never see thats why you let kheer slip too, Nerupa(Laddo’s first wife) would have not let it happen, Roopa says if she was alive then we wouldnt be making kheer today for her death anniversary. Lata rolls her eyes and asks her to go and make food.

Jitendra brings Laddo’s deadbody on wheelchair to Ramnath(Laddo’s father). Ramnath asks what happened to him? Jitendra says he drank wine and passed away, Ram says atleast he didnt die after drinking that much.

Laddo’s soul comes out of house and says I will go police station. He sees dog sitting on car roof and says please let me, I have been murdered, dog runs behind him, Laddo’s soul runs away.

Ramnath makes Laddo’s deadbody wears glasses on eyes and make him eat expired medicine so he will wake up fast thinking he is just drunk, he says we should hide him from your mother. They take him away.

Shalini(Jitendra’s wife) is busy in taking selfies. Lata asks Roopa to bring food to table soon, train is coming. Naren(Laddo’s younger brother) comes there and says why did we buy house that shakes up so much? she says I got to know that after marriage too. She asks Roopa to run hands fast and setup dinner. Roopa says hands dont run, feet run, Lata rolls her eyes. Lata asks Ramnath to come fast.
Ram and Jitendra leaves Laddo’s deadbody on wheechair in Dada’s room. A hat falls on his head too.

Laddo’s soul finds a rickshaw and says take me to police station. Driver doesnt see him, Laddo’s soul says cant you hear me? you will find news of wife killing husband with balen soon, he leaves.

Suzzi comes to Dada’s room and sees wheelchair(of Laddo’s deadbody), she doesnt see his face and thinks its dada, she sweetly gives him injection. She takes his wheelchair thinking he is Dada.

All are sitting at dining table to eat. Lata asks where is Laddo? Father says he slept early. Roopa says I can call him, Jitendra says no no, he is sleeping peacefully. Ramnath sees Suzzi bringing Laddo(deadbody) on wheelchair there. He comes to her and says where are you taking this jerk? she says you are calling your father Rajnath a jerk? Ramnath thinks that she thinks this is Dada and not Laddo. He says Rajnath have acidic issue to bring his medicine. She goes to take his medicine. Ramnath takes Laddo and covers him with sheet, she says I hope Lata doesnt see him.

Suzzi comes to Dada’s room to take acidic medicine, she sees dada coming from washroom and says you from here? he nods and leaves. She says then whom did I gave injection to?

Roopa sadly serves food to everyone. Naren says I will call Laddo.. Ramnath asks him to stop it and just sit here, he is asleep. Train passesby their house, all family members try to keep things in place. Laddo’s deadbody on wheelchair starts rolling around too. In lounge, Lata says all food fell down, you people should eat before train timings. She asks Shalini and Roopa to clean it. Shalini acts like someone is holding her hand and says Kusum leave my hand. Dada says who Kusum? Shalini says our servant who died one month back, her soul is saying to not work. Lata says you dont work as it is. Ramnath says dont fight with souls, Shalini wont do household work.Roopa says I am coming, she leaves. Dada says she must have gone to see Laddo, she cant stay away from him like I cant stay away from.. he looks at Suzzi and smiles.

Roopa comes to her room and doesnt find Laddo there. She says Ramnath said Laddo was sleeping here. She comes to lounge and says papa Laddo is not in room. Ramnath says I wont save him more, Laddo is not in room, he is here. He bring them to place where he hid Laddo on wheelchair but he doesnt find his wheelchair there. He says I left him here, where did he go? Roopa thinks where did he go?
Laddo’s deadbody on wheelchair rolled out of house when train came, its rolling around in market. Wheelchair stops in market. One shop’s tailor says wow laddo you like your dada’s wheelchair? you are wearing glasses too, its good you came to give size, he takes size and says stay here, I am coming.. someone hits Laddo’s wheelchair, it starts rolling and strikes with a bar shop. Bar tender says seems like you drank whole wine bottle, I wont give you more.

Lata says to Ramnath that Laddo doesnt drink that much, you must have make him drink that much. Jitendra says no he was drunk and lying on kitchen floor. Lata says why did you hide from me, Ramnath says I never know when to tell you or hide. Suzzi says I thought Dada was on wheelchair, Ramnath didnt tell me so I gave injection to Laddo, its all Ramnath’s fault. Roopa says no its all my fault, salt was less in food thats why he got miffed. Naren says he left house in drunk state, what if police catches him?

Biker who is Laddo’s neighbor comes to inspector and says Laddo AKA Amarnath hit my scooter with his car, please file FIR. Laddo’s soul comes there and says I was murdered by my wife with balen, dont leave her, give her death sentence. Inspector doesnt see him and says to his neighbor that okay lets go to that house. Laddo’s soul thinks he is talking to him and says she is innocent looking but dont spare her.

Bar tender brings Laddo’s deadbody on wheelchair to their house. Bar tender says he took whole bottle from me and maybe passed out after drinking so much, he came back to take more but I have brought him back, he leaves. Roopa says where did you go? I was worried. Lata says he disrespected us, Laddo you know I hate wine, I wont see your face from now on, she leaves. Ramnath says Laddo you should say sorry. Shalini says lets take selfie with drunk Laddo, she takes selfie with his deadbody..

Laddo’s soul runs behind inspector but inspector leaves. Laddo’s soul asks rickshaw driver to take him home but driver doesnt see him. Laddo’s soul says do you even know how to drive rickshaw? die.. he leaves.

Dada says Laddo should be slapped, he took my wheelchair too. Ramnath says everyone does mistake. Dada says he was roaming in drunk state with my wheelchair. Dada takes off glasses from Laddo’s eyes and says he is glaring at me, what an age, when we used to drink, we would never look at our parents and now hw is glaring at me. Ramnath makes Laddo’s deadbody wear glasses again. Roopa says forgive him, I will give him lemonade. She takes his wheelchair and starts to roll him but hits his head with pillar again mistakenly, she says sorry and leaves. Jitendra says Laddo must have drunk local wine.

Roopa brings Laddo’s deadbody in room. She says dont feel bad about others, you should give Dada’s wheelchair back to him, sit on stool, she tries to make him sit on stool but cant move him, she says I will bring lemonade, she leaves.

Neighbor comes with inspector to Laddo’s house and says Laddo hit his scooter. Jitendra says to Ramnath that seems like he hit his scooter in drunk state,we have to save him. Jitendra says inspector do you know me? he says yes suspended officer, Jitendra gets silent. Roopa says Laddo is not at home, he doesnt even know how to drive, neighbor says he hit me with his car, inspector says we will search this house for Laddo. Jitendra says do you have search warrant? inspector gets silent and leaves.
Neighbor asks inspector what he will do? inspector says I wont spare that Laddo. Laddo’s soul comes there and asks inspector if he arrested Roopa? she killed me with a balen? Inspector cant see him, he says Roopa killed me and hid my deadbody, he tries to touch inspector but he is just a soul and his hand moves across inspector’s body. He realizes that he cant feel or cant make others feel his presence.

Laddo’s soul comes home, he asks Ramnath why did inspector not take Roopa? she killed me? Roopa says when did you come out of room? Laddo’s soul tries to talk to family members and tell them that Roopa killed him but no one can see him, only Roopa can see him. Dada says I want my wheelchair back. Laddo’s soul comes to Roopa and says you killed me,tell everyone. Roopa says dont talk like this, you are drunk, all are angry but you will wake up tomorrow and everything will be fine, she leaves. Laddo’s soul tries to shout that Roopa killed him but no one can hear him. Train passesby again, all try to hold things. Laddo’s deadbody on wheelchair rolls around and comes to lounge again. Roopa is shocked to see his deadbody on wheelchair and she can see his soul standing in a corner too, she is confused. Family members can only see Laddo on wheelchair, Dada says give me wheelchair. Jitendra tries to move Laddo from wheelchair but Laddo’s deadbody falls down. All rush to Laddo, Ramnath says Jitendra how did you let him fall.. all try to wake Laddo up but he is already dead. Roopa looks at Laddo’s soul and realized that Laddo is dead and she is seeing his ghost. All family members move across Laddo’s ghost and cant see or fell him. Suzzi checks Laddo’s deadbody’s pulse and is stunned, she says he is no more, he died, all are stunned. Realization falls upon Roopa, she looks at Laddo’s ghost in tears. Ghost says you are happy now? nobody can see or hear me Roopa but I wont spare you, I will bring your truth out, I left this world but I wont leave your life Roopa.

PRECAP- Roopa says to Laddo’s picture that I am sorry, I didnt realize what happened. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says are you missing me that you are talking to my picture now? Roopa says we will talk later, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost says she killed me but still wants to talk.
Priest says to family that for Laddo’s soul peace and freeing from the world, we have to do rituals and poojas. Laddo’s soul says but I dont want to get free from this world, only Roopa hears it. All family members goes for pooja in bus. Laddo’s soul goes with them too.
Laddo’s soul says to Roopa that I dont want to get free from this world, will you really do the rituals? Roopa says till when you will wander around this world? you have to leave. Laddo’s soul says I dont want the freedom, I will not get peace if you free me from this world. Roopa looks on.