Belan Wali Bahu 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa Tries To Win Balen To Claim Her Crime

Scene 1
Roopa is cooking in kitchen, she cooks and washes dishes fast, she says I should complete my work, nobody should know about me taking part in balen contest.

Suzzi shows balen contest ad to Dada and says I will take part in it, we will go there. Dada says you and in balen contest? he laughs and says it doesnt suit your personality, she says I dont care, prize is 5 lacs, he says really? what will you do with that? Suzzi says marriage. Dada gets sad and says if I get married then what will happen to me? Suzzi says I am not talking about my marriage, I will send that money for my cousin’s wedding. Dada says your cousin is greedy? you will send that much money to your cousin? she says I will not send money for marriage but for honeymoon. Dada says should we go too? he winks at her, she says where? he says I mean in this contest.

Jitendra asks Shalini why you are going to balen contest? she says winner will get 5 lacs. Jitendra says but you will have to work with balen to win it, your hands are made to take selfies, not to roll roties, you start seeing ghosts as soon as mom asks you to work. Shalini says you think I lie? Jitendra says I never doubt you, if you say you see ghosts then I believe you but mom doesnt believe you. She says I dont care, I will balen contest.

Lata comes to Ramnath and says give me 1000rs, he says why? she says I have to go to sathsang and color my hair, he says you dont it, she says I will not need your money from now as I will win money.

Roopa is leaving house, Laddo’s ghost comes there, she gets scared, Laddo’s ghost says where are you going? she says I am going to contest and will win this balen, Laddo’s ghost says dont do this drama, you are going to enjoy there, Roopa says why you doubt me? I have many talents, I will win it. Laddo’s ghost says your mother said you had many talents like you can roll roti with one hand, wear saree in 3 minutes, glue shirt’s buttons, sing to scare crow away, get free veggies from seller.. he keeps telling her weird talents.. even dog goes to sleep. Roopa says you forgot one talent, I can start fire with patrol in my mouth. She says I will win the balen contest and get myself punished, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost says she can do anything, I will go there and get her arrested as soon as she gets balen, dog barks at him, he leaves.

Scene 2
Roopa comes to balen contest, she sees her balen hanging there. Shalini sees Roopa and says you here? Lata sees Shalini and says you here? Suzzi sees Lata and says what are you doing here? Roopa sees Dada, Jitendra and Ramnath there too. Roopa says what are you all doing here? Jitendra says Shalini came to learn how to make roties, Lata says she cant. Ramnath says to Lata that you wont look nice running in this contest, she says I will win 5 lacs. Lata asks Roopa what she is doing here? Roopa says I.. Host says women can this contest and get 5 lacs, first round is run baby run, you have to run, get balen and gives it to judges then you will be enter for next round, first 10 women to get balens will go to next round. He asks them to get ready to run. All get ready, Roopa looks at her balen.. Host says 1..2..3.. go, all start running, Ramnath asks Lata to run.. Roopa looks at her balen and recalls how Laddo’s ghost said she doesnt want to get punished. Roopa runs and gets her balen, she runs to judges and gets her name for next round, Shalini, Lata and contestant Katori, Suzzi and some others win the first round too. Host says next round is how many roties you roll with balen in 20 minutes, the won who rolls most roties than others will win this round. All women start rolling roties. Roopa works hard to rolls most roties. Time is up. Host says the successors of this round are Roopa and other contestant Katori, Roopa rolled 50 roties but Katori rolled 51 roties and won this round, Roopa gets sad and thinks I have to win the next round at any cost otherwise I wont be able to show my face to him.

Laddo’s ghost is sitting on tree, dog is standing down and barking at him, Laddo’s ghost says dogs can only see me because I died dog’s death with balen, he asks dog to let him to go to contest.

Host says to women that next round is crush baby crush, there are spices in packets, you have to get any packet of spice then you will get whole bag of that spice and you will have to crush that bag of spices with balen only, All women chooses their packets. Roopa sees chilies in her bag, she thinks I have allergy with red spices but I have to win this round. She starts crushing chilies with balen, all women are crushing their spices too. Roopa coughs with allergy but keeps crushing. Ramnath asks Lata to crush spices like she crushes everyone… Host says time ends now. All women stop. Judges check crushed spices of all women. Lata sees Roopa have crushed so many red chili in so less time, Suzzi says very good Roopa. Host says the most quantity of spice was crushed by Roopa but Katori won this round, Suzzi says how she won when Roopa crushed most? Host says Roopa’s crushed powder became wet which is useless and she got disqualified, Roopa sees her tears wet the chili powder. Host says there are only 2 rounds left. Lata says to Roopa that you crushed so much but then how it got wet? Roopa recalls how her tears rolled in powder. She thinks that two rounds are remaining, I want to win that balen to get punished for my deed, there are still two rounds. Host says in third round ‘hit baby hit’, you will use this balen as weapon, she shows their husbands’ portraits and says you all have to hit them and the one who hits them straight in the middle of the head will win this round. Roopa recalls how she hit Laddo and he died. Ramnath says Lata dont hit me, hit my portrait. Suzzi have blank portrait infront of her, Dada asks if she wants him to stand infront of her? suzzi says you want to get hit by balen? Roopa is tensed. Lata asks why you are tensed? Roopa says I cant do it. Lata says its just a game. Host says Suzzi will hit first. Suzzi hits portrait and it doest hit in middle. Shalini throws her balen and it hits host intead of Jitendra’s photo. Lata’s balen hits Ramnath photo’s eye. Host says if Katori wins this round then she will win the contest. Katori throws balen at her husband’s portrait, it hits in middle. Host says Katori won this contest. Dada says let Roopa hit portrait too. Lata asks Roopa to hit. Roopa recalls how Laddo’s ghost said this balen killed her husband. Laddo’s ghost comes infront of the portrait and says hit me, you cant leave without this balen, this is the proof, hit me. Roopa throws balen at him, it hits directly in the middle of the head of Laddo’s portrait. Host says Roopa and Katori both won 5 points but Katori won last two rounds so she wins this contest and becomes balen wali bahu. Roopa and Laddo’s ghost gets sad. Judges look at portraits. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa you must be happy to lose the the balen. Host says judges have decided that Roopa won this round, Katori didnt win it because the way she hit, it can make person faint but the way Roopa hit, it could make person die. Laddo’s ghost says I died, Roopa you have to win this balen, this is our last proof. Host says now will be our last round. Host says in Rugby, both teams fight for a ball, he says there will be two teams and one balen, the team which takes balen to their line most will win this round, match will be of 20 minutes, you have to take balen to cross the line most, he says Katori and Roopa are captains of their teams. Lata, Shalini and Suzzi are in Roopa’s team. Host asks Dada to choose which balen will be in match as you are senior, Dada says how dare you call me old? he asks Suzzi if she thinks he is old? Suzzi says um.. I will choose the balen, host asks if Suzzi is Dada’s daughter, Dada gets angry and says I will not spare this host. Host says sorry, God keep your couple blessed, Dada gets happy and says I will choose balen. He looks at many balens but chooses the balen with which Roopa killed Laddo. Host says Dada chose this balen for Rugby. Katori says to her team that put all your efforts in this match, one teammate says you will win 5 lacs, we will not run for you. Katori says if I win then I will give you all 10,000 per teammate, they say only that? she says okay 20,000, they agree.
Lata says to Roopa that lets leave this match, we cant run to grab balen and run with it too, Shalini says I am already tired, Lata says to hell with that 5lac, they have been making us run like basanti since morning, leave this match Roopa. Roopa looks on. Lata says lets leave. Suzzi says no Roopa, I am with you. Lata glares at her and says to Shalini that if this Suzzi can be with Roopa then why not us? lets make Roopa win. Match starts, Katori’s teammate makes Roopa fall down, Katori takes balen and throws in in goal post, she wins one point. Round starts again, Roopa tries to catch the balen, all try to stop her, Lata takes balen but Katori throws her and takes balen, she runs to goal and puts balen again, she goals 2 points. Next round starts, Katori’s team keeps Roopa’s teammates behind, Roopa tries to stop Katori and throws her on ground and wins another round. Lata asks Roopa if she is fine? she nods, Latas says we cant do it. Host says Katori has won 3 points, seems like she is going to win, lets take a break. Roopa is tensed and recalls how Laddo’s ghost said she has to win this contest at any cost.

PRECAP- Roopa wins 3 points, Katori’s team has 3 points too. Host says only 2 minutes are remaining in the match, Roopa have to goal to win this contest. Roopa tries to run with balen but Katori’s heavy teammate sits on her back and doesnt let her move, host says only 75 seconds are remaining in the match. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that get up, you have to win this round at any cost, you have to win this balen, Roopa hears him and looks determined.