Belan Wali Bahu 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo And Roopa’s Wedding Gets Fixed Again

Scene 1
Dada comes to Laddo and says I want to talk Dr. Guddo, we joke around but I know you are good man, I have brought my daughter’s marriage proposal(Roopa’s proposal) for you, dont say no. Laddo says I already said yes to your son and daughter in law for marriage proposal(they brought Suzzi’s proposal but Laddo doesnt know that), they brought proposal and I said yes, I am like your son in law now. Dada says great, all are thinking same. Laddo nods and leaves. Dada smiles and says Suzzi is safe.

Dada drinks milk with Ramnath and Lata. Dada says to Ramnath that I cant believe you can think clever things like me, I am happy to know that you are not that fool as I thought you of. Ramnath says I cant believe we thought the same thing, Dada says I got to know they

liked each other, they cant live like this, her whole life is remaining. Lata says yes she is very young, Dada says I will miss her. Lata says but we will get over it, we will move on. Ramnath says it will be hard in start but we will adjust. Dada says we have taken her as daughter. Lata says you take her as daughter? Ramnath says its good that you take Suzzi as daughter. Dada is stunned and says Suzzi? Ramnath says yes I arranged Suzzi’s wedding with Guddo. Dada slaps him and says I fixed Roopa’s marriage with Guddo and he said yes.

Laddo tells Roopa that he said yes to her marriage proposal. Roopa says what? you are not Laddo for them, you are Guddo for them, I cant say yes, you didnt even die one year back. Roopa says how they thought to get me married to you? Laddo says but its nice thought right? Roopa blushes.

Lata says to Dada that Roopa wont say yes to marriage proposal. Dada says Roopa likes Guddo, I am experienced and I know. Ramnath says I thinks Suzzi and Guddo likes each other. Dada says Guddo likes Roopa, Roopa wont say no. Lata says she will deny, Dada says lets talk to her then.

Laddo says to Roopa that dont say no, they think I am Guddo but I am Laddo for you, when we got married last time, we didnt have joy as we were mourning my first wife, we had many dreams but couldnt fulfill it, he sits on his knees and asks if she will marry him? Roopa smiles and holds his hand, she says yes. They lovingly smile at each other, Piya ore piya plays.

In morning, Lata and family asks roopa what she thought for marriage proposal? Roopa acts and says what? if Laddo was alive then you people wouldnt be asking me this, you wouldnt think I am burden for you all. Ramnath says if you dont want to marry then no one will force you, Dada I told you she wont agree. Roopa says I agree, if you all want it then I will do it, Dada will think best for me, I cant deny him so I will marry him, if you all and Laddo wants this then I will do it. Jitendra says Laddo? Roopa says yes he will bless me from skies. Dada says you are ready to marry Guddo? Roopa blushes and says yes. Ramnath says I will talk to Guddo. Dada says I talked to him, he is ready. Shalini congrats Roopa on marriage. Suzzi comes there and says me and Roopa are getting married, whom she is marrying? Jitendra says she is marrying Guddo, they said yes. Suzzi is stunned and heart broken, Dada looks away. Suzzi sadly leaves.

Scene 2
Dada comes to his room, he sees Suzzi sniffling. Dada says dont be sad, if Guddo loves you then I will marry you with him but ask him. He calls Guddo and says she wont say anything. Guddo comes inside, Suzzi glares at him and says dont say anything, you dont love me, if you dont love me then why you called me on coffee? Laddo says I called Roopa and you thought I called you. Suzzi says its all my fault, I thought you love me and I foolishly went there, Roopa is a very nice girl, her late husband was boring, never smiling guy, he never made her happy but you promise to keep her happy. Laddo says I promise to keep her happy, God will make you happy too, he leaves. Dada says Suzzi I will keep you happy. Suzzi says its time for your medicine.

Dada says to family that tonight Roopa and Guddo will get engaged. Guddo and Roopa blushes and smiles. They lovingly look at each other.

All family members start working on preparations. Ramnath says we couldnt call relatives on such short notice but Guddo your family is coming? Laddo says no. Dada says his family is in Punjab then how can they come on such short notice? Laddo says no one will come on my wedding, I have no one in world. All get sad. Lata says why you are saying there is no one, I am like your mother, all say we are your family too. Roopa comes there and says all are on Guddo’s side then who is on my side? Shalini says me, Jitendra, Naren and Dada are on Roopa’s side and others will be on Guddo’s side for wedding. Suzzi says I will dance from groom’s side, I will be Guddo’s friend. Shalini says team bride and team groom are decided. Lata, Ramnath and Suzzi are on Guddo’s side. All family members go to prepare for engagement. Laddo says we will get together, I am getting so much love and respect in this house.

Scene 3
Laddo looks at ring for Roopa and says tonight I will make Roopa wear this ring. Roopa and Lata comes there. Lata says I brought some sherwanis, I made these for Laddo, will they fit you? Roopa says yes it will fit him. Lata says how do you know? I mean he is like Laddo so it will fit. Laddo says you still have my clothes, I mean you have kept Laddo’s clothes. Lata says now it will be used by you. She shows him one sherwani, Laddo says I dont like this color. Lata recalls how Laddo didnt like it and says Laddo didnt like it too, you are like my Laddo. Laddo gets emotional hearing it.

Roopa says to Laddo that my wedding will happen under stars. Laddo excitedly says that yes I will take you with me in palanquin, he thinks and says where will I take as I dont have home to show?
Roopa thinks about it.
Roopa says to family that I wont get married,
I have to leave this house so I wont marry.
Lata says but.. Dada says no if she doesnt want her palanquin to leave this house then it wont. Laddo smirks.