Belan Wali Bahu 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo And Roopa’s Engagement Ceremony Starts

Scene 1
Lata says to Laddo that my Laddo didnt like this color in clothes, you are like my Laddo Dr. Guddo. Laddo smiles and selects red sherwani. Lata says we will send Roopa like queen. Roopa says he is king so I will be queen. Laddo says she is cute. Lata says okay, she smiles and leaves. Roopa says to Laddo that I will get married. Laddo says I will come and take you in palanquin.. he thinks and says where I will take you? Roopa says to your home. Laddo says which home? where will we go? Roopa thinks and says I have an idea. She leaves. Laddo says what she is upto.

Roopa comes to family and says yes I wont this marriage. Lata says you wanted to leave like queen, what happened? did Guddo say anything? Roopa says no if I marry then I have to leave this house, I cant live without

my parents, my dada, my brother in laws and my sister in law, I cant leave you all so I have decided to not get married. Lata says its society’s rule to send girl off now groom. Roopa says why? why cant boy come to girl? why because girls are weak and burden? am I a burden on you all that you want to send me away? DAda says dont you dare call yourself a burden, if you dont want leave with her palanquin then she will stay here, Shalini says marriage wont happen? Dada says I didnt say that, Roopa and Guddo will get married and Guddo will stay here as inhouse son in law. Lata says will Guddo agree? Laddo sees all this and comes there. Lata says Roopa cant leave us so we were thinking if you can stay here after marriage? we will not disrespect you. Guddo says I was thinking how Roopa will leave you all, I dont want to make her sad, I will get insulted but I will stay here, I will never leave, I will live with you. All get happy. Lata slaps him and says its my blessing, I remember Laddo seeing him. Laddo says I am like your son. Lata smiles and says Roopa now prepare for your marriage, Roopa smiles and leave with her. Laddo says to Ramnath that give me 15,000/-. Ramnath says we dont have it, Laddo says I know its there in safe, please give it, he leaves. Ramnath says he doesnt have house, money or anything. Dada says dont worry, he is living in son in law.

Roopa gets ready for her engagement. Laddo comes there in red sherwani. Roopa smiles and says you are looking like king, very pretty, he thanks her. Roopa says now you say it. Laddo says yes I look like king. Roopa glares at him and says talk about me, when girl gets ready then you should compliment her. Laddo says I didnt know that. He says your dress is nice, your dupatta is pretty, your nail color is nice. She says what about me? He smiles and says you are most pretty but there is one thing missing. Roopa says you keep seeing something missing in me. Laddo says I cant avoid missing things. He shows her gajra and says this is missing, she smiles. He asks should I make you wear it? She smiles and turns around. He tucks it on her hair bun but cant fix it, Rocket saiyan plays. He pulls on her hair and says sorry, he tucks it messily and says its done. Roopa looks in mirror and screams, she says what did you do with my hair? Laddo says I have done four knots in your hair so it wont come off, I mean I tried, he leaves. Roopa looks on.

Scene 2
Engagement ceremony starts. Laddo and Roopa sits together. Ramnath says lets start ritual. Shalini says first ritual is pulling on cheek. Laddo says what kind of ritual is that? Lata says it happens in Shalini’s family so let her do it. Laddo whispers to Roopa that if she pulls on my beard then it will come off. Shalini says lets do it. Laddo says no, he tries to runaway, Shalini and Jitendra runs behind him. Lata says stop it. Suzzi brings cake and says we will cut cake first. Laddo says yes, lets do it. Laddo holds Roopa’s hand, they look at each other and smile. They hold hands and cut cake together. All clap. Laddo makes Roopa eat it, she feeds him too.

Lata says lets start engagement. She gives ring to Laddo. Dada gives ring to Roopa. Roopa smiles at Laddo and is about to exchange rings with him but Jitendra takes ring from Laddo, they say its pretty. Shalini says I want to take selfie with it, they all start fighting over ring and it falls down and rolls off. Shalini says where did ring go? Jitendra says it fell on Dada’s head and rolled off. They all start arguing about it. Lata says fools start searching for it. They start looking on ground. Katori comes there and sees them on on ground, she steps on Laddo’s hand and goes to take sugar. She takes it and turns to leave, she steps on Laddo’s hand again, he screams. She leaves. Family starts searching for ring again. Laddo finds it under the table. Laddo says Roopa ring.. she says yes I am searching, Laddo says to Lata that ring.. she says yes I am searching.. nobody listens to him. Roopa comes to Laddo and says ring is here and you didnt see it? he says I was trying to tell… Roopa says leave it, she says to family that I found the ring, it was here. Lata says I know you are intelligent Roopa. Dada says its good we found the ring, I had one more ring for safety, all glare at him, Dada says lets do the ritual. Roopa makes Laddo wear the ring. Laddo says where is my ring for Roopa? all looks on.

PRECAP- All men of house get drunk and sing balen wali Babu. Roopa comes to Laddo and says what are you doing here? 10PM is going to happen soon, Laddo is drunk and says let me enjoy, he pushes her out of room and locks door to drink with other men. Roopa is tensed and recalls how Yamraj said that if Laddo is seen with other people after 10PM then he will disappear and become soul again.