Bepanah 30th August 2018 Written Update Bepannaah Written Episode

Wasim gets to talk to Arshad who tells him that Aditya ran inside the mob area. Wasim is shocked.

Zoya tries to wake Aditya. You promised me you wont leave me. Open your eyes! She drags him to a corner so as to avoid getting seen by the rioters. She hears the rioters telling each other to check in the garage. She picks up a tin sheet and covers herself and Siddhi with it. She holds him tight and muffles her cries / reactions as the rioters hit everything inside the garage with their sticks. She talks to Aditya. You only taught me how to face my fears. Today I am not afraid for myself but for you! Rioters leave from the garage as they could not find anyone there. Zoya stands up after a minute to make sure everyone has left.

Arjun speaks to Commissioner and finds out that force has been sent

to Bharat Nagar. Anjana demands to get her Aditya back. He tries to reassure her. Relax. Bhai will be back. She blames herself for what Aditya is going through and walks to house temple. Why punish my son for my mistake? Arjun is confused but Anjana keeps blabbering. Blood in return of blood and life in return of life but I was the one who did that. Why should Aditya be dragged in it? She starts crying. Bring my son back from anywhere. Bring him back safely. He comforts her.

Zoya makes Aditya lie down on that tin sheet. She fails in dragging it and finds ropes lying nearby. She ties the ropes in the holes on the tin sheet. I wont let anything happen to you! She finally is able to drag that sheet using the ropes. He is too heavy for her but she uses her entire strength to drag the tin sheet. She checks outside before bringing him out of the garage. Rioters come there just then and see her. Zoya looks at Aditya. The rioters start running towards them when a siren is heard. A police van arrives there. They stop the rioters from doing anything to Zoya. Arshad shouts Zoya’s name. She looks up in relief. Arshad runs to her side. Are you fine? She nods. I am fine. I wont let anything happen to Aditya. She holds Aditya’s face. Arshad looks at her. Everything will be fine. I will fix it. They take Aditya with them.

Arshad and Zoya bring Aditya to Huda House. Arjun and Anjana rush to his side. Anjana immediately frees Aditya’s hand out of Zoya’s grip. Arshad asks about Aditya’s room. She takes him upstairs. I will call doctor. Arshad has nursed Aditya’s wound for now. He is better. Dr. Gupta comes there. Arshad tells him about Aditya’s wound. Zoya is standing there only. She tries to go near him but Anjana holds her hand firmly. She pushes Zoya a little behind. Arshad observes it. Anjana says I know I haven’t been good to you and it might have hurt you but I am a mother. My sons are my world. Don’t you think whenever Aditya is with you, he lands in some problem? Arjun feels bad. Zoya says I was. Anjana completes her sentence. You wish to say you don’t want anything wrong to happen to him; and that you are his friend. Don’t you think you should stay away from the one who is getting in problems because of you staying near them? I know Aditya wont listen to me. He is very stubborn but you are intelligent. Please give some space to my son. It is a mother’s request. She moves closer. Don’t know what will happen otherwise. Zoya looks at Aditya and agrees. I only want Aditya to be happy and safe. She leaves with Arshad.

Anjana thinks I spoke nicely to Zoya so I can keep Aditya away from her for now. She wipes her fake tears.

Zoya and Arshad reach Siddiqui House. Everyone is relieved to see them home safe. Zoya tells her mother she is fine. Roshana keeps crying and holds her close. Every second was so difficult for me. Zoya tells her mother she is fine. I am fine because. Noor says it is because Aditya reached there to save you like every time. Zoya agrees. I feel he is an angel. He comes to rescue me whenever I fall in any trouble! Wasim says dint you see how he jumped inside the barricade. He was trying to be a hero without paying heed to the circumstances! Anything could happen. Did you see the condition? It was good that Arshad was there. He showed Zoya’s photo to police, cooperated with police and brought you back home safely. Arshad says Aditya was very worried for Zoya too. Everyone has a different way to react to the situation. Wasim agrees. Mature people react differently though. Zoya is home. I request you both (Zoya and Noor) to stop going to Huda House.

Aditya dreams of the same incident and mumbles for water. Anjana makes him drink water. Aditya takes Zoya’s name. She is irked hearing her name and is determined to separate Zoya from her son’s life for once and for all.

Precap: Zoya finds Aditya’s love letter. The name on the bottom is torn. She mistakes it to be Arshad from the A. Aditya on the other hand decides to confess his love to Zoya on Janamashtmi.