Bhootu 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu Teaches Mansi A Good Lesson

Anandita cries reminiscing Pihu. Mansi travels in car and stops seeing Subodh on road. She thinks she still loves him and wants him at any cost. She gets out of car and clashes with Aarav. Her doll falls down. Aarav picks her doll and returns him. He sees Mansi and walks towards his car. She starts acting mad and cries. Subodh returns to her. She hugs him tightly. Mansi sees that from window and feels sad that Subodh still did not get away from his affair with Mansi. Subodh leaves freeing himself. Babli comes and scolds Mansi why is repeatedly going behind Subodh, don’t she know he spoilt their lives.

Pihu requests Gopal to teach Mansi a lesson. Gopal says when she make anyone mad with her mischeives, what is Mansi. Pihu likes his idea and starts pestering Mansi. She keeps fake cockroach in Mansi’s food plate. Mansi shouts cockroach. Babli rushes in. Pihu silently takes cockroach away. She then keeps rubber lizard on Mansi’s clothes. Mansi gets afraid and looks herself in mirror and sees no lizard. Pihu then keeps rubber scorpion. Mansi shouts scorpion and beats it with bat angrily. Babli tries to stop her and gets hurt. Aarav also walks n. Manis says scorpion. Pihu silently takes it away. Babli says she is acting mad. Aarav thinks Mansi will be a threat to people, so he should shift her to mental hospital back soon. Pihu tells Gopal that Mansi’s lies are putting her into trouble, it is tit for tat. Gopal says she is right.

Subodh calls Suchi requests her to help him in convincing Anandita and he wants to buy her a gift. Suchi says it is a good idea and Anandita will forgive him for sure as they both got a new about Pihu’s arrival on this day years ago. He tells he is helping an burnt boy and if Anandita can come there, her anger will calm down. Mansi hears Suchi’s conversation and hides. Anandita hears Subodh speaking to someone and telling he will come to particular address. Anandita hears that and thinks Subodh is still meeting Mansi, she has to find out. Gopal asks Pihu to follow her other and be with her.

Anandita reaches address and knocks door. An old man comes out. She asks the man if he knows Subdoh. Man says very well, he is their god. He shows his burnt child and says Subodh saved this child with monetary help and requested not to tell anyone. Pihu thinks her papa could not save her, so he saved that child, her papa is not bad. Subodh comes. Anandita emotionally runs and hugs him. Pihu jumps in happiness saying her mamma and papa united.

Precap: Anandita sees something in cupboard. She packs her bags and tells Pihu she is going forever. Pihu cries not to go.