Bhootu 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mansi’s Evil Plan To Separate Anandita And Subodh

Anandita runs and hugs Subodh emotionally seeing him helping a poor child. Subodh says he has a surprise for her and takes her home where he shows room decorated with balloon and Pihu’s toy celebrating Pihu’s arrival day. Mansi gets more emotional and hugs him saying he loves Pihu so much. He also reciprocates. Pihu gets happy seeing his parents uniting.

Suchi calls doctor for Mansi who ties her and gives injection. Suchi says Mansi will feel good with it. Aarav gets impressed and thanks Suchi. Mansi says she needs to go to washroom. Aarav asks Suchi to take her. Suchi takes her to washroom. Mansi silently calls her aide and asks if he kept file in Subodh’s cupboard. Aide says yes. Suchi knocks door. Mansi silently hides mobile and returns, thinks now Anandita will leave Subodh now and will come to her.

Anandita sees cupboard untidy and rearranges clothes. She finds a file and sees Mansi’s fake pregnancy report in it. She alleges Subodh how can he betray her so much, she thought his and Mansi’s affair was till office, but he crossed limits. Subodh says let him explain. She as usual continues alleging Subodh without listening to him and says she cannot stay with him anymore, he is still continuing with Mansi who killed their daughter. Pihu sadly returns home crying.

Mansi thinks Anandita must have seen file now and would leave Subodh. Suchi enters with soup and seeing Mansi acting as sleeping asks her to stop drama and have soup as Aarav asked to take care of her. Mansi opens yes and asks if she mixed anything in her. Suchi reverts back and says she lives between human and not evil like her, so she need not worry. Their conversation continues…

Pihu returns home crying. Aanndita asks what happened. Pihu says papa failed because of evil aunty Mansi and got 0 marks, mamma is scolding papa. She then sees Gopal enjoying butter and confronts why did he make such a bad world where always evil like Mansi win. Gopal says he made both good and bad and now it is Pihu’s responsibility to expose Mansi and reunite her parents.. Drama continues.

Precap: Mansi challenges Suchi that Anandita herself will not stay with Subodh. Anandita looking at her old house tells she is going forever. Pihu pleads not to go.