Pihu runs away afraid calling Gopal, while Mansi walks around. Gopal asks what happened. She says mamma is going to naani/grandma’s house in Kolkota. Gopal consoles her and says everything will be fine, god cannot help much in it. She says he is her friend and not god. Anandita on the other side asks Subodh if he gave charity to children orphanage. He says no. She says it is her alimony and angrily throws files. He asks her to stop and says they are not yet divorced, so there is no question of alimony. Anandita starts fighting with him.

Mansi thinks she will use her mentally unstable condition as her protection and will harm Suchi. She throws marble on Suchi’s way and calls Aarav acting as afraid. Suchi walks and slips on marble. Arav holds Such on time and saves her. Romantic song plays in the background. Suchi sees marbles on floor and Mansi hiding behind pillar, calls her and scolds why did she throw marbles, a big accident would have happened and someone would have hurt. Mansi cries and asks Aarav to scold Suchi. Aarav says he will scold her instead for throwing marble here, she should play inside her room or at last in lawn. Babli walks in and Mansi complains her. Babli scolds Aarav that he used to get so concerned for Mansi before, but now is scolding her, how can he. Suchi tries to speak. Babli scolds her that she is talking to her son and not a tenant, Suchi cannot interfere in family issues. Mansi gets happy hearing all this and thinks if not accident, mental agony is best.

Pihu fixes her photo on Subodh’s office letter heads. Anandita sees that and casks if he did this, how can he, if he is trying to show how much he loves Pihu, he hurt her instead and continues yelling at him. Subodh thinks whoever has done this knows how much he loves his daughter… Drama continues..

Precap: Aarav dances around Suchi on Banja meri rani..song.. and tries to kiss her when Pihu enters.