Bhootu And Jeet Gayi To Piya Morey Maha Episode 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarav Does Not Trust Suchi!

Aarav walks into Subodh’s house and starts beating him. He asks why did he betray Mansi, Mansi was pregnant with his child, so he has to accept Mansi. Subodh says Mansi is lying, but Aarav continues fighting with Subodh. At home, Babli pampers Mansi and asks her not to worry, Aarav will return home soon. Mansi smirks thinking Aarav has gone to bring Subodh for her.

Devi meets with an accident. Umi is present there, but does not help. A man rushes Devi to hospital asking people around to inform lady’s family that she is taking her to nearby hospital. Adhiraj rushes to hospital and asks doctor how is his wife. Doc says she is fine and this man brought her on time and saved her. Adhiraj thanks man and walks into see Devi.

Aarav tries to hit Subodh with a metal object when Suchi interferes and stops him. She says Subodh is innect. Aarav says she does not know what Subodh did. Suchi says she knows everything and says Mansi is not mad and is just acting. Aarav shouts that mom told a time will come when he has to choose Mansi and his love. Suchi says he should realize truth that Mansi is lying. Pihu walks in and asks Subodh if he is crying as mamma left him. Aarav holds Suchi’s hand and drags her home He tells Babli that Mansi is not mad. Suman, Babli, Gulgule stand in a shock. Aarav says Suchi has to prove that Mansi is not mad. Mansi acts as mad and says he is not mad.

Adhiraj holds Devi’s hand and pampers her. Devi’s mother fears she may tell that she is not pregnant at all. Doc walks in and says Dev is fine now. Adhiraj asks what about her child. Doc says he did not know that Devi is pregnant, he will get tests done then. At Adhiraj’s house, Urmi informs Maasa that she got afraid when Devi met with an accident. Maasa asks what about proof. Urmi says she dropped it somewhere in fear. Maasa slaps her. Back in hospital, Adhiraj takes reports. Devi’s mother gets afraid. Adhiraj gives her reports and says they are in English. Devi’s mother says reports are fine.

Suchi shows reports and says both mental hospital and pregnancy file has same doctor’s signatures, so they are fake. Babli asks what pregnancy. Aarav says they are checking office files and walks away with files. Suchi walks with him and tries to convince, but Aarav gets adamant and asks to choose him or Subodh’s family. Suchi thinks she has to help Pihu at any cost, says she loves only him, but this time she is on Subodh’s family side. Subodh says he will wait until she changes her mind. Drama continues.