Big Boss 12 13th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Day 58
Megha tried to help Sree in washing dishes but Deepak taunted her that she wants attention. Megha asks him to shut up, dont be too smart, Deepak says you want to show your dress. Megha says I am helping my friend. Deepak says you are buttering him and its seen. Megha says you have no standard, you follow the path which has your gain. Deepak asks her to turn right and go. Megha says dont taunt my dress, shut up. Deepak says right from here. Megha says I will break your face. Dipika stops Megha and asks her to calm down, Megha takes off her slipper to throw at him and says I will show your path, you stay in limits. Dipika says to Megha that you are wrong now. Megha asks him to look at his face. Sree says KV always takes my name. Shiv asks if she was about to beat Deepak? Deepak says what

kind of supporters Sree have?
Megha asks Deepak to not come behind her. Romil says we dont expect you to talk like this. Megha says I will talk to people like him like this, get lost, I will slap you. Deepak asks him to go and wash dishes. Megha says I will beat him with broom. Jasleen asks Deepak to stop it. Deepak asks if Megha wants to beat him and leave house?
Sree and Rohit are washing dishes.
Megha says to Surbhi that you went extreme. Megha says he was not respecting me too. Surbhi says you were harsh. Megha says he started it. Surbhi says you called me that I am hungry for footage. Megha says people who are wrong here are not punished. Surbhi says Romil never got luxury budget. Megha says his bad luck then. Romil and Deepak taunts her to leave from lounge.
Sristy says to KV that Megha is finding reasons to react. KV says Dipika is not helping Sree so why Megha is doing it.
Megha says to Deepak that you are superstar, come and talk to me.. please talk. Somi asks Megha to stop it. Surbhi asks Deepak to stop it. Romil asks Megha to sit with them. Jasleen takes Megha from there and says this is not the way to talk. Romil and Deepak laughs. Romil says lets go behind her. Somi asks them to stop it, I dont like the way she talks, she has lost it. Sristy says Romil and Deepak are having fun and she has gone on different tangent, is she a winner? they laugh.

Megha says my mind is going crazy. Jasleen says they have done this with me too but you cant raise slipper and try to beat, they had to say sorry to me. Megha says there is nothing else other than sorry here. Romil says we can leave house then. Romil says she crossed line. Deepak says lets remove chair from door so Megha can leave. Romil says we cant leave such nice contestant from house, she is a winner. They remove chairs from doors. Megha says something. Somi says you are saying too much, this is cheap. Deepak asks what she said? Romil says we can listen to her. Megha says its a praise. Jasleen asks Romil to not do it, you are provoking her. Sristy asks Megha to control her words. Megha says I just said that arthi (death ceremony) for them. Sristy says dont say that. Megha says they are laughing. Surbhi says I can talk too. Megha says they were taunting me. Megha starts to leave. Deepak asks her to close the door. Megha says I will break his face, she throws water bottle at him. Deepak says stop it girl, we will love you. Megha shouts that they are bully boys.

KV checks Rohit’s dishes. Sree keeps washing dishes. Rohit says its done. Sree says show him if I am wrong. Romil asks him to stop it. Surbhi says dont do it. Sree keeps washing it. Rohit says its okay, you fulfilled your punishment.

Sree says to Rohit that this is double standard, this is insulting to me, I am leaving, you can stay here, I will leave. Rohit says its done, dont be angry. Sree says this is disrespecting for me, I am going. Rohit asks him to calm down. Sree packs his stuff. Deepak is there too. Sree asks Deepak to this upper, Deepak takes it.Sreesanth is called to the confession room.

Bigg Boss talks to him and says your parents must be proud to see you work so nicely, it was honest. Sreesanth breaks down. He apologises for the outbursts he has. Bigg boss says continue like he is doing. Sree says this is disrespect. Bigg Boss says this is Sreesanth, Sree says my enemies might see me and say see where he is now. Bigg Boss says there is no work small, it wont affect your personality. Sree thanks him.
KV says to Surbhi that I feel horrible.
Surbhi says she has a lot of sympathy for him.
Sree comes out of the confession room smiling.

KV says to Sree that we both have ego, I am not your enemy, you dont talk to me, you dont understand. Sree says its okay. KV says you dont express, I beg of you. Sree says its okay. KV is in tears. Sree says I dont keep things in heart. Sree says I told you to not break our friendship. Shiv comes there. They both make fun of his walking. Shiv says remain like this.

Day 59
The house wakes up to the song ‘Goli Maare Bheje Mein’. They all dance and enjoy.

Megha says to Jasleen that is Shiv crazy? there are others too in house. Jasleen says he just talks to Sristy only, she was lying and he was talking to her on bed last night, he just talks to Sristy and Sree.

Srubhi asks Romil to not sleep. Romil says ****, I am not sleeping. Surbhi says dont be irritated, talk nicely in morning, I just woke you up as you cant wake up. Romil says you dont leave your ego. Surbhi says I said sorry when I went wrong. Romil says dont talk to me. Surbhi says everyone needs personal time, I dont have to keep waking you up. Romil says I didnt ask you to do anything. Surbhi says this man is too much, he has too much ego. Romil says just like you.

The luxury budget task Hitman is announced. Romil and Sreesanth will be hitmen, who will take money from housemates to kill a person. A treasure safe will have coins with various price amounts which will total to Rs 45 lakhs and using each coin will subtract that amount from the total prize money. The housemates will take a coin and give it to the hitman when light of living room changes. Hitmans will sit in their room when light changes to take the task from inmates. The housmate who is alive in the end and the hitman with most money will be in the captaincy race. Romil and Sree will be referees too. Murdered inmates can give task to kill others too by givin coins. Sristy cant become captain but if she wins then she can make someone else contender for captaincy. Amount taken from safe will cut from winning prize. Sree asks inmates to be careful of amount.

Shiv says to Sree that dont kill me till end, I have talked to Romil too, Deepak will be saved by him. Sree says celebrity wont care about money but ask them to be careful. Shiv says I wont care too.

Surbhi says to Deepak that we can take Romil on our side. Dipika says to them that I want to be captain so dont give my name.

Sristy says to KV that if I get power then I will either make Romil or Surbhi contender but if Romil wins then I will nominate Sree.
Rohit asks Surbhi to give his name for killing. Rohit says I can target Dipika and Jasleen. Surbhi says we have things in power.
Sristy says to Romil that if are out of task then I can take your name for captaincy if you make me win, help me too in task, Dipika asked me to support her but you can support me so if you are out of task then I can bring you back in task.

Lights change. All run to safe. Dipika asks Depeak to move away. Somi says I got the key first. They open safe, all run to get coins. Rohit gets coin first. Rohit goes to Romil and asks him to kill Jasleen for 75K. Somi brings her coin for 12Lac to kill Dipika. Romil says let us think. Romil says to Sree that only 17lac will remain. Sree says 12lacs is a lot of money, I cant waste that. Somi says then decide that we will not use 12lac for anyone. Romil says its prize money for all. Megha brings coin and asks to kill Surbhi or Deepak. Sree says to Romil that we have to kill someone at the end.

Jasleen says to Rohit that play from your mind, why did you take my name? Rohit says I am playing from my mind. Dipika says to Somi that I did not think to target you but you gave my name so I am not so sure now.

Romil says I cant take 12lac to kill Dipika. Sree says then dont waste time. Romil puts cross on Jasleen’s picture and says we killed her for 75K. Jasleen says to Rohit that it was not your decision. Rohit says leave. Romil says Jasleen is dead for 75K. jasleen says Rohit is Sristy’s friend so my enemy. Sristy says wow Jasleen dead for 75K. Jasleen says have some shame. Shiv says dont say that to me, Jasleen says I saw what you did too, you dont know how to fulfill friendship, get lost. Sree says Shiv. Jasleen says see how he is behaving with me.

Jasleen says Shiv became friends with others so he forgot the one who was with him forever, he got a girl so left me.

Srishty and Rohit discuss the game strategy. She tells him to give a coin to Sreesanth, while she will support Romil. Rohit says why? Sristy says you support Sree so Romil loses then I will bring him back in game.
Surbhi tries to convince Sreesanth to not target her and says we are new friends so lets support each other. Sree says done.

Surbhi says to Deepak that we have throw Megha out of task. Rohit says we will do it.
Sristy says to Rohit that you are playing with happy club too? Rohit says we will eliminate Dipika and Megha. Rohit says why are you supporting Sree? Sristy says I have a plan.
Rohit says to Romil that Sristy is supporting you? Romil says she is playing double game, she wants Sree to win so she can support me and make me contender too.

Lights change, all run to safe. They get coins. Somi comes in with coin and says I want to eliminate Megha. Sristy says to Jasleen that you cant play, you can show support, give me coin. Jasleen says I can play. Sristy says she is a loser. Jasleen says mind your langauge. Sristy says you are frustrated. Jasleen says *******. Sristy says mind your language, she moves closer to him. Jasleen says what can you do? get lost. Surbhi asks them to not cross the limit.
Surbhi brings 4.4Lac coin to kill Dipika. Romil says lets kill her. Sree says I want to keep Dipika in game. Romil says I am saving Sristy too. Sree says okay. Romil says we are killing Dipika for 4.4Lac. Rohit says Dipika wanted to kill me and now she is dead, Sree says Rohit you are

Sree says Rohit will die like a dog now, he was saying bad things for Dipika, we had to kill person with highest bid but Rohit asked to kill Dipika then he said bad stuff. KV asks Rohit why he took Dipika’s name? Sristy asks if he said something bad?

Surbhi says to KV that they had to eliminate Dipika and now blaming each other.
Sree says to Rohit that you had two coins, you cant do it. Rohit says it was Deepak’s coin. Romil asks Sree if he is supporting Sristy? I saw you hinting to her. Sree says she was just telling me her coin price, why are you doubting me?

Romil says to Shiv that I am supporting Somi, Surbhi and Deepak then you are on my life to save, Sree is supporting Sristy too.

Lights change, all run to get coins. Deepak gives his coin to eliminate Megha. Shiv gives Megha’s name but Sree says her name is already taken, you can take Deepak, Somi, Surbhi’s name. He calls next person. Romil says to Sree that all hae given Megha’s name. Sree says I have to kill Rohit, give me some respect, I didnt deny your decision. Romil says I cant let Rohit die. Sree says then fine, I am done with Romil, he says I am not playing. Sree says to Romil that I respect you but you are wrong, make your team win. He comes out of room. Dipika says you are not leaving.

Light plays, Romil gives Megha. Sree says all are betrayer here, I cant play. Dipika says you cant give up everytime.

Sree says to Surbhi that you people are playing nicely. Surbhi says you wanted to save Megha? you are wrong. Sree says fine, then I will take 12lacs coin to kill anyone now.
All are standing near safe so Sree comes there and asks them to move away.
KV says to Shiv that you should tell me, Shiv says I was taking Megha’s name. Surbhi says to KV whose team are you in? nobody is playing for you.

Sree says to Shiv that I want to kill Rohit, Shiv says save Sristy then.
Deepak asks Romil whose side Sristy is? Romil says she is playing double game. Deepak says Rohit will bring coin so eliminate Shiv or Kv.
Megha says to Sree that we can make Sristy win. Sree says to Jasleen and Dipika that she is not a great friend, she is wrong.
Surbhi says to Shiv that play your game. Shiv says Surbhi I am supporting you. Deepak says Rohit didnt become captain too. Shiv says if you are supporting him then dont talk.

Deepak says to Rohit and Shiv that I will not take both your names, you both decide. Shiv says to Romil that I told you that I will support you and you will support me. Romil says I am telling you I wont eliminate you.
KV says to Surbhi that they are supporting Rohit, why?
Shiv says to Rohit that in end it will be Surbhi and someone else, they will not vote for you against Surbhi so let me go this time then I will choose next time. Rohit says okay, done.

Lights change, all run to safe. They are pushing each other.
KV brings his coin to eliminate Rohit. Deepak gives his coin for Rohit too. Deepak says he changed his mind. Sristy asks KV seriously? KV says whose name should I take? KV says Deepak took Shiv’s name.
Sree eliminates Rohit for 3.6Lacs.
Sristy says to Megha that KV had a good chance. Megha says we dont have majority, we have a plan, we can take coin of highest bid and then take their names to eliminate.

PRECAP- Four inmates are eliminated, 6 are remaining. Megha gives Surbhi’s name to eliminate.
Deepak says to Surbhi that you want to be captain selfishly. Surbhi says till when I should keep sacrificing? They both shout at each other. Surbhi says I gave up my captaincy 4-5 times easily but now I am selfish? Shiv says happy club has become unhappy club.