Big Boss 12 16th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Day 61
The house wakes up to the song ‘Kitne Bhi Tu Karle Sitam’. All inmates dance. Romil ties Deepak’s shorts strings. Song ends, Romil says all wake up, song has ended. Jasleen says you have become captain and now will do this. Romil asks them to wake up. Barking sound plays, Jasleen asks inmates to wake up. As Sreesanth refuses to wake up, Bigg Boss plays a barking sound. Romil insists to Sreesanth that he wakes up as the latter gets angry at him. Romil takes off his blanket. Sree says I am not waking up. Romil says if you have a problem with my captaincy then dont show it like this. Sree says I am not waking up. Romil nicely asks him to wake up. Sree says I am not well, dont say that its drama, show this style to someone else. Romil asks him to open his eyes.

Sree says I am sleeping. Romil asks where is it paining? Sree says everything is not a joke, I will show you today. Romil says if you open eyes then dogs will stop barking. Sree says you think I will keep bearing your jokes? he barking sound continues as Shivashish continues to sleep. Romil says Sree is talking to me, you get up Shiv.

Surbhi says to Sree that Romil woke up today.
Jasleen says to KV that Sree might be ill but he needs to follow rules so we get luxury budget. KV says but Romil’s way of waking up people was wrong, Jasleen says they have problem with each other.
Surbhi says to Sree that you used to wake Romil up too. Sree says I used to just call out his name. Surbhi says he was joking, he was waking you up like a brother, dont keep it in heart, express it.

Rohit puts ‘Sorry’ on tissue paper with nail paint and leaves it on Sristy’s bed. KV says to Sristy that I have kept something on your bed. Rohit leaves. Sristy sees sorry kitvua and says its cute. Surbhi says aww.
Romil says to Sristy that I have abs too. Rohit says sorry to Sristy. Sristy says I am angry. Rohit says you are looking good, you cant be angry with me. Sristy says you taking me forgranted, you were shouting at me, I am not talking to you. Sristy says you think its a joke? you cant keep insulting in task and then say sorry. Rohit makes her sit down. Sristy says you say personal stuff in task. Rohit says I am feeling bad, I am laughing as I keep smiling. Sristy says its okay. Rohit stares at her, Sristy laughs and says dont irritate me.

Dipika reads instructions that Romil as captain will have to choose three inmates for jail, there are jail tickets which Romil will give to inmates when gong plays. Romil can choose inmates whom he thinks deserve to go to jail, there will be break between gongs so inmates can convince Romil to choose some inmate for jail, all inmates have right to talk to him and make right person go to jail.

Jasleen says to Romil that KV, Sree should go to jail. Sree did worse in task.
Deepak says to Rohit that it should be Megha, KV and Sree. Megha says dont take my name if you want to end animosity Deepak.
Romil says to KV that you sent Deepak to jail but you said that you did a mistake by doing it. Romil says I want to take your name for jail because innocent went to jail because of you.
Somi asks Shiv to do this task nicely.
KV says to Romil that you can take Shiv’s name as he broke rules. KV says Deepak was not innocent. Romil says your name is final. KV says this is wrong, I wont go, he was not innocent.

Deepak says to Romil that take Megha’s name for cursing then Sree for kicking me in task.

KV says I am not going to jail.
Romil says to Sree that your name is coming up. Surbhi says he has been gone to jail most, leave him. Deepak says he doesnt learn from his mistakes, he keeps shouting and cursing.
Dipika says to KV that you agreed that you were wrong.
Romil says to Shiv that your name is coming up because of kick. Shiv says that matter ended.
Deepak says to Jasleen that I am not going.
Sree says to Romil that I am not going to jail. Romil says you go to jail every week but doesnt listen. Sree says KV, Megha and Rohit are my nominees then Jasleen. Romil says KV took your name.

Romil says to Jasleen that your name is coming up too, Sree said it.
Jasleen says to Sree that why are you taking my name? Sree asks her to leave.

Gong plays, Megha asks Romil to not take her name, I want to defend myself. Romil says come fast. Megha says I am doing makeup. All gather in lounge, Romil says my first name is Megha. Megha says you didnt let me talk. Romil says to Megha that when you are aggressive, you go beyond limits, you raised slipper too. He gives her jail ticket. Megha says I accept my slipper incident but I am not accepting it. Romil says you have to take it. Megha says what did I do? Surbhi says you raised slipper. Megha says you cursed too. Megha says I want Surbhi and Deepak in jail. She goes to jail and says they are my nominees, third is KV for me.
Sree says to Shiv that if I get a ticket, I will not fight, I need rest.
Romil says to Surbhi that you have cursed too. Surbhi says atleast I accept my mistake, you all do wrong things but I am targeted always, everyone destroy house peace but I am targeted.

Surbhi cries and says yes I curse and I accept it, they keep pointing this out.
Romil says if someone is not changing after going to jail then they will be punished again. Surbhi says okay I curse. Surbhi says nobody talk to me. Somi says all curse here. Surbhi says I will go to jail, I ******, Somi says dont curse. Surbhi says I will break the rules, she talks in English. Bigg Boss asks her to talk in Hindi but Surbhi screams that I will break rules.
Dipika says to Megha that Surbhi is wrong for cursing but do you see their reaction? Deepak and Romil are laughing at her.
Somi says to Romil that if she thinks nobody can talk infront of her then she is wrong.

Surbhi says I dont know what they want to show that I curse. Romil says you accept your mistake. Surbhi says I am coming to jail, oh my God I curse. Romil says you are breaking rules. Surbhi says what can you do about me? Romil says you are wrong so I will call you out. Surbhi says you provoke me. Romil says you cant stop me from sending you to jail. Surbhi says let me live in peace. Romil says you are destroying peace. Surbhi says keep alleging me, you are *****. Megha says this happens in this show.

Sree comes to talk to Surbhi. Surbhi says I am a joke, have they come from good planet dont they curse?
Romil says to Somi that trust me, its some entertainment.

Gong plays, Romil says my first name is Shiv to send to jail, he has been aggressive. Surbhi says you made me angry and took someone else’s name? wow, she leaves. Romil says Shiv doesnt realize his mistakes, Surbhi says I broke rules so send me to jail. Shiv says Surbhi is accepting her mistakes so send her, Shiv says all are aggressive here, I am not going to jail, keep your ticket with you. Somi says this is wrong. Surbhi throws trash and says I am making the house dirty. Sree says this is not a place for me, it was a grudge.

Romil says Shiv is not going.

Dipika says Romil is taking revenge, its shown on his face.
Romil asks Surbhi to realize herself. Surbhi says you are playing with my emotions, you call yourself brother? Dipika asks Surbhi to not show reaction, they dont care about emotions.

Bigg Boss says when we give instructions for captain to take decisions then you all have to agree with it, if you dont agree then you will be punished along with others, you have to follow your captain. Shiv says I am not going to jail. Somi says he doesnt care that we will be punished too but he doesnt care because he says he is going tomorrow. KV asks Shiv to go as they can be nominated. Shiv says I dont care, I am self made. Somi says you are selfish. Shiv says I wish you were self made. Somi says remain in limits, you are shameless.
Deepak asks Shiv to go to jail. Sree says he doesnt deserve to go.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that we told you to follow captain’s decision, we gave time to Shiv but he didnt go to jail, he is going against rules, many celebrities came here and worked hard to remain in show but if you get things easily then you dont value it, you people have been breaking rules since start but Shiv crossed all lines today because of his ego, when we was warned and even then he didnt follow it, not only he will be punished but all inmates will be punished too, Shiv proved that he doesnt care about inmates and contract too, he is breaching contract. Shiv looks on. Bigg Boss says we are nominating all inmates except Shiv, nobody will go to jail. Somi says Shiv doesnt value this show.
Megha says to Romil that they dont care about show.
Shiv says sorry to inmates. Somi says we told you that it will happen but you dont care, you have so much ego. Shiv leaves from there. Somi says he deserves to go to jail. Dipika says Shiv is wrong.

Deepak says if Shiv has so much money then why he came to show? Somi says he has too much ego. Jasleen says Sree supported him in wrong.
Dipika says to Sree that you shouldnt have asked him to go against Bigg Boss. Sree says it was his decision. Dipika says I am talking to Shiv, he was wrong. Somi says if someone gets eliminated then its Shiv’s fault. Shiv says its Bigg Boss’s decision. Somi says his attitude is wrong.

Megha says to Sree and Shiv that you both should be sorry. Sree says it was his decision, why should I be sorry? Sristy says Sree could have adviced him but it was Shiv’s decision. Sree says why are you all alleging me? I tried to convince him. Dipika says I came to you and asked you to make Shiv listen but you said you wont talk to him.
Romil says to Jasleen that why didnt inmates give this reaction before they got nominated?

Sree says to Dipika that you alleged me too. Dipika says you both were wrong, you supported him. Sree says he was wrong. Dipika says if I think you are wrong then I would say it to you, I think you should have talked to Shiv. Sree says you are wrong. Dipika says I think I am right, Sree says you always think you are right, Dipika gets emotional and leaves.

Sree comes to Dipika and says I am sorry, she says its okay.

Sree says to Shiv that its okay. Shiv is crying. Sree says dont cry.
Romil says to KV that I didnt think he would go that far. KV says that was strictist decision.
Shiv says to Sree that I want to leave tomorrow, if I have too much ego then let me go. Sree says I was feeling this against world in 2017, I used to not even get hotel room, then I proved myself. Shiv says I am not that strong. Sree says I am an emotional person.

Luxury budget task is announced. KV reads that there will be an obstacle course with four hurdles. Products will be there along the obstacle course. Housemates can pick up things as they go along the course. Whoever reaches the end and washes their face first will win the items collected by them. Romil will represent Team A that will have Surbhi, Somi, Deepak, Sristy, Deepak and Rohit will represent Team B which will have KV, Megha, Dipika, Jasleen and Sree. Opposite team’s members can throw balls on them to slow them down. Deepak is the sanchalak and time-keeper.

Romil is passing thr course, opposite team is throwing balls at him but he keeps running. Romil goes to end and washes his face. He ends timing in 36 seconds.
Then Rohit goes the course, he runs but gets stuck in pool, washes his face. He ends timing in 49 seconds so Romil’s team wins. Deepak gives hamper to Romil’s team.

KV asks Deepak to not be so close to Romil in game now as its going to be personal now. Deepak says I know, if Romil is wrong then I will insult him, I didnt ask for captaincy but Romil never takes someone else’s name for captaincy in happy club, first we were so united that we used to give up captaincy for each other. Deepak says Surbhi is dangerous too.

PRECAP- Jasleen goes to meet Anup in room. She hugs him. Salman asks if they have been in relationship for past 3-4 years? Anup says I dont have any romantic feeling for her, she is a student for me. Jasleen says he has confused me too.
Salman says to Shiv that because of your disrespect to the show, you are being eliminated right now. Sree is sad. Romil cries.