Big Boss 12 25th December 2018 written episode written update

Day 100
Inmates wake up to song dost ko salam karo, they all dance. Sree says they have created hotel outside. KV wishes Christmas.

KV reads that all are nominated and someone will leave before reaching finale, they have a task to get saved. In hotel task, some celebrities will come to appeal for votes. One inmate will become guest from time to time and all other inmates will become staff of hotel, guests will give tasks which are difficult to do but others will try to do it. Celebrity guests will come, they will give a star badge to person whom they like as staff and shoot a video appeal for votes, Surbhi will be in task and referee too. Sree will be first guest, those who quit, cant come in video appeal.

All are running behind Sree to help him out. He asks

Dipika to do his hair, he asks Deepak to bring water. Surbhi says my guest doesnt want to give me task.

Celebrity guest Hina Khan comes in house, she greets everyone and says this is last task. She asks Dipika to make tea for her, Dipika says I am making. Kv hugs and says merry christmas. Hina says I will begin with jail, she asks who is lazy? She asks Romil to clean jail. Hina asks Sree to make others quit. Sree says I want them to clean carpets. Hina asks Deepak to take off clothes and sing in pool for her. Deepak sings ek chand for Hina in pool. Hina acts like he is singing for Somi.
Sree says to Dipika that I dont know how to do all this.
Deepak says to Hina that my sisters like you a lot. Hina says water is not cold. She asks Romil to clean.
Sree gives chair to KV and says I have done all this as hotel staff in London.
Deepak jokes with Hina and pleads her to let him out. Hina brings him out.

Hina asks Deepak to squats. Deepak says I am hurt, Hina says I will give another task. She asks Deepak to clean luggage area. Hina says I dont like KV’s hair, Dipika asks if I should cut it? Hina asks her to curl his hair.

Hina asks to Deepak to shave one side, she asks Surbhi to do it. Deepak nods. She asks Dipika to do KV’s noodle curl. Hina checks Deepak’s one side shaven and laughs.
Sree and Hina comes in jail, she checks that its cleaned and praises Romil.

Hina asks Deepak to give her foot massage. Sree asks Surbhi to give her mattress. All laugh at KV’s curl. Sree asks Surbhi to give him single mattress. Surbhi says I can give double mattress, single mattress is of Dipika only. Dipika says I can give it to Sree directly but not because Surbhi is asking. Hina says if she makes her give it then she will get star. Surbhi requests Dipika to give her mattress. Dipika says they all stood against me so I can leave a star for this, Surbhi says dont take is personally. Surbhi says I am referee and can use my power too. Sree says I am disappointed. Hina says if Dipika gives it then everyone will get star otherwise not. Dipika doesnt give it.

Romil is trying to fold double mattress. Hina says it looks comfortable. Sree says no. KV and Romil ties it and makes it a single mattress. Hina lies down and asks Sree to try. Sree says its too high, I dont like it. Hina says in camera that all are trying, staff is trying a lot.

BB says Hina’s time has ended, no one quit and no guest was satisfied so Hina will decide whom to give star too. Hina says all did nice work, its not against anyone. She gives star to Romil. Hina and Romil makes a video, Romil asks for votes. Hina appeals for him. Hina says you are all nice. BB thanks Hina and says its time for you to leave. Hina wishes everyone and leaves.

Surbhi says to Dipika that well played, you wanted me out, I am happy that you have your mattress.

BB says next guest is KV. Dipika says with this hair? and laughs. KV changes clothes. All are laughing at his face. KV says dont laugh at my face, its an order. All try to stop laughing, Sree laughs.

Guest Juhi Parmar comes in house, she is promoting her show. She greets everyone and asks Sree if he wont talk? Sree says I am just cleaning. Juhi asks Romil to make coffee for her. KV says only I have coffee and I wont give it to anyone. Romil asks KV for coffee.
Juhi asks Sree to change Deepak’s hair style.
Romil requests KV for coffee but KV doesnt give it. Romil tells Juhi that only KV have coffee. Juhi says I will give you punishment if you are not giving me coffee. She talks to KV, KV says he fights with Surbhi a lot so you can ask him to tell why Surbhi is better than him to win the show. Juhi says great.

Juhi says to inmates that I am a guest and I didnt get coffee so tell me why Surbhi should be a winner? Romil says she is passionate, she can provoke others but I dont think she can win as people cant change so suddenly. Surbhi says they should appreciate me trying. Juhi asks her to hug everyone. Surbhi hugs everyone and says they are my competitors but I have worked hard on myself.

Juhi asks Deepak to praise everyone in English. Deepak says KV is like a mouse, I will be winner of this show, you all can go.

BB asks Juhi whom you want to give star too? Juhi says Sree started cleaning as soon as I entered house. She gives star to him. Sree says in video that I didnt change, I am like this. Juhi appeals for him.

Deepak is new guest of house. Celebrity guest Ranveer Singh Waghela AKA Shashank comes in house and greets everyone.

Deepak asks Surbhi to drink tea in Sree’s cup which came from his home. Surbhi requests Sree to give her cup but he says its from my family. Dipika says Deepak played. Sree says I cant give it so tell her to leave. Surbhi tries to request, Sree says no, I dont want disturbance. Surbhi says I will keep trying. Sree says I wont give my kids cup to her. Sree says Surbhi you didnt save me for myself but for camera, you dont deserve it. Sree says she has to quit, Deepak says its possible. Sree says its waste of time, she talked badly to my sister, I did everything for her but she is fake and never changed. Deepak asks to do Romil’s waxing. Romil screams when its done.
Surbhi says to Sree that I have saved you a lot of times. Sree says you are just doing it for sake of camera, you just act for the show. Surbhi says you have said bad stuff to me too, you said everything is your strategy. Sree says you are fake. Surbhi shouts that you keep calling bad words to me, you are fake, when same is said to your sister then you feel bad? Sree says you instigate others. He goes in jail to clean as Shashank asks him and asks Surbhi to help him.
Romil is angry and punches wall.
Dipika says to Surbhi that you are nice for 2 weeks but you didnt make any relation in house, you are bearing because of that. Surbhi says Deepak and Romil have said stuff behind your back but I say it one face. Sree says you are a liar and fake person.

BB asks Shashank whom you want to give star too? He gives star to Romil. Romil appeals for votes. Shashank appeals for him.

Surbhi cries and sits in corner.
Deepak and Romil says that we will star to Romil.