Big Boss 12 5th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Day 49
Deepak is singing tere bin nai lagda. Romil says to Somi that lover has started. Somi says I was feeling weird in Bharti’s task. Romil says you were enjoying and having fun. Somi says I was not serious. Romil says he actually feels something about you, Bharti praised him too. Somi says what he is doing with me is made fun of. Romil says you like him too. Somi laughs and asks him to stop it.

Jasleen asks what is happening? Rohit says they keep making halwa of people here. Deepak says people become fools here, he looks at Somi.

Deepak says to Surbhi that Rohit said that people are fools here. Somi says I know for whom it was for. Deepak says it was not for you, it was not my fault, I didnt give you any hint, I respect you. Surbhi says they

make fun of your couple then stop them and tell them you are not comfortable. Somi asks Deepak to not do it again.

Jasleen and Shiv are washing dishes. Jasleen says you are not washing nicely, just about to run. Shiv says I am working, dont say I am here to run.

Jasleen asks Shiv what happened? he says nothing.

Jasleen and Shiv are walking in garden. She says I am noticing that you are miffed with me. Shiv says this is my real side. Shiv says I dont have any friend in this house. Jasleen says I am your friend, I try to talk to you. Shiv says everything is wrong here, I dont want to be in this house. Jasleen says you are lost right now, Shiv asks her to give him 5 minutes, she leaves. Shiv asks Bigg Boss to make him meet psychiatrist, he counts till 5 and starts running. He jumps on jail roof and tries to jump from walls. Inmates see him and scream to not do it. Jasleen asks him to come down, it will hurt. Shiv says let me go, please stay silent, KV comes to him and asks him to come down. Shiv jumps down and says its okay, I am not doing anything. Jasleen says are you out of your mind? Shiv says my time here is done, I want to leave. Surbhi says what are you doing? Shiv says dont create a scene, I want to leave. Deepak says fine. Surbhi asks him to stop it, you are a strong man. Shiv says I am normal, I am not leaving. Deepak says he is creating a scene. Jasleen says you think its easier to jump from here? Deepak says he was fine and now doing all this.

Sree asks Shiv to think. Deepak says all wolf pack will leave like this? Shiv asks him to stop it, I didnt ask you. Jasleen asks Deepak to leave him. Deepak says chill. Sree asks what happened? Shiv says I dont want to leave anymore, Sree says think about me, I am here with you. Shiv says I am lonely here.
Jasleen says to KV that Shiv seems lost, he keeps blabbering. KV says he got affected by Salman’s words and then he was called Sree’s sister.
Sree says to Shiv that you can leave on Friday. Shiv says they will call me that I dont deserve it, I cant be insulted like this. Sree says you were making me listen, dont do this. KV comes there and says you would have fallen down.
Jasleen says to Sristy that I gave him space, he was expecting something.
KV asks Shiv to wait till tomorrow. Shiv says I cant wait, Sree says you can wait for me. Shiv says I dont a choice.

Dipika says to Sristy that Deepak thinks he is doing drama, Deepak thinks everything is a joke.
Deepak says to Surbhi that Shiv was hurt that he was placed lower on rank, he has a lot of ego.
Sristy says to Dipika that they think only they have real emotions.
Somi says to Romil that he was not acting.
Surbhi says to Shiv that running is a low level thing.
Jasleen says to Sree that I asked you to talk to Shiv. Sree says I dont do all this, he was talking normally to me. Jasleen says I was expecting you to talk to him. Sree says you all are nice, only me and Shiv are bad. Jasleen says dont keep linking things like that, this is not funny.
Romil asks Jasleen what did he say. Jasleen says nothing.
Sree starts practicing cricket. Jasleen says well played.

Megha says to Sree that happy club is making fun of his pain.
Jasleen says to Shiv that you are strong. Shiv says they will eliminate me in end. Jasleen says there is a way, you should take out frustration, you are not a coward to run, you can talk to me.
Sree says to KV that he is disturbed.
Jasleen says to Shiv that be with her, I am scared too.
Romil says to Somi that Sree is acting, I cant stop laughing.
Megha says to Sree that they think our innocence can be used but we will answer their laughing.

Romil says to Shiv that if it was someone else then I would have accepted it but it was very odd from you.
Deepak says to KV that it was all pre-planned, I can read Sree’s eyes.

Day 50
Tera naam liya plays, inmates wake up and dance.

Surbhi says to Deepak that if your parents come then you will be in trouble. Somi says I will not spare him. Surbhi says what if Jasleen’s father comes? Deepak says Anup can come too. Surbhi says Jasleen’s life has controversy, when you go against nature in love. Jasleen says its not against nature, he is a guy and I am a girl.

Surbhi says we commoners are simple. Jasleen says why you keep saying celebrity and commoners? its odd. Surbhi feels bad. Jasleen says I felt bad too when you gave me empty bowl when I came out of confession room, you were taunting me too.

Jasleen says to Sree that Surbhi keeps taunting me about Anup and our affair being odd, this is not good.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that its time for nominations. Sree will give 7 names which he wants to nominate. Sree takes Somi’s name for not strong enough after Saba leaving, he takes Rohit’s name for deciding his team, he takes Jasleen’s name for being a strong competition, he takes KV’s name for not showing his game, he takes Deepak’s name for being ill, he takes Surbhi’s name for being a strong contender, he takes Romil’s name for being clever player. Somi says this is not right, they supported you to become captain. Bigg Boss says nominations will happen between 7 inmates chosen by Sree. Dipika reads that remaining 4 inmates will have a chance to save 3 inmates and nominate 4 inmates from the list given by Sree. The safe contestants can go and smash the scarecrow of any contestant they like when the buzzer plays. The four smashed scarecrows will represent the contestants that will get nominated.

Surbhi says to Sree that you cant win like this. Sristy thanks Sree. Surbhi says he is crazy. Surbhi says he is scared of us.
Romil says to Sree that you played wrong game.

Romil says to Surbhi that he nominated happy club.
Dipika says to Sristy that he was smart, he gave us a chance.
Surbhi says to Deepak that he is of no one. Romil says I asked him why he took my name so he said I will be saved. Surbhi says he is spineless.
KV says to Deepak that this is stupidity now, dont be angry.
Surbhi says to Shiv that Sree called Romil his brother.
Deepak says to KV that all are scared niw.
Surbhi says he doesnt fulfill his relations. Shiv says you can talk for yourself.
Sree says to Sristy that I know they will break KV’s scarecrow.
Deepak says to Shiv that Sree said that you are not going anywhere because he would have power, he was giving hint about nominations and its against rules.

Surbhi says to Sree that you started loving sister again? you say weird things, you say we are competition now? Megha says I will nominate Romil who called audience fools for making me win. Romil says to Sree that you promised Deepak to save him. Sree says I didnt send Deepak to jail.

Romil says to Megha that please dont nominate me.
Surbhi says to Dipika that you are a clever person, its not fair to take these names on basis of performance. Dipika says if you were given a chance then you would nominate on basis of performance?
Sree says to Deepak that you taunted wolf pack last night and I didnt like it. Deepak leaves. Sree asks Sristy to go first. KV asks Sree why he took his name? Sree says I had to take one celebrity name, Dipika is going to save you, I was hurt when you said stuff. KV says you threatened me too, it hurt me too. Sree says you will be saved too. KV says this is a chance between you and me.

Sree asks Sristy to go. Buzzer plays. Sristy takes stick and says people are expecting me to break Jasleen’s but I dont have interaction with Romil much. Romil says its a valid reason? Sristy says its my decision, you placed me low in ranking on basis of that too. Sristy breaks his scarecrow.

Surbhi says to Romil that Sree is cheap, dont play with him indirectly. Romil says I will let him talk to me now.

Sree says to Megha that target happy club first, we can nominate Rohit later. Rohit comes there. Rohit says I will support you guys.

Buzzer plays, Megha breaks Deepak’s scarecrow as he is strong contender.
Surbhi says Sree will get us nominated.
Sree says to Sristy that I am not here to save friends, I am here for myself, I struggled a lot so I am playing.

Somi says to Shiv that you know I am not weak. Buzzer plays, Shiv takes stick and says Surbhi is straightforward and says Jasleen is my friend so I will break Somi’s. Surbhi says dont think from other’s mind, Shiv says this is my decision, he breaks Somi’s scarecrow. Romil says Sree well played.Surbhi says you are a piece of shit Sree. Somi calls ******* to Shiv, KV asks Shiv to not say anything. Somi says yesterday was Shiv’s drama. Romil says everyone knows it. Dipika laughs and says its fun.
Somi says to Shiv that I dont play? you are a fool, you are following herd.
Romil says to Surbhi that Sree planned to get us nominated.

Somi says they are donkeys. Dipika says dhechun. Shiv teases Somi. Somi asks her to cry like a donkey more. Dipika says we will do what we can do. Somi says dont talk, annoying people.

PRECAP- Romil says to Sree that you know nothing. Sree says we will see. Surbhi says play like a lion, you use relations and people. Sree says Dipika is sitting calmly.
Dipika says to inmates that I didnt take responsibility to follow everyone’s advice. Dipika says I wanted happy club to get nominated, we hear commoners vs. celebrity jokes from them but if by mistake we say even a word, you people start taking our class. Surbhi says you should made us learn before, get away with your swag.