Bigg Boss 12 12th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Day 56
Inmates are sleeping, alarm plays. KV is lying on couch too. Deepak, Jasleen and Shiv are sleeping too.

Romil asks Rohit to come out of jail. Rohit and Romil jumps out of jail. All laugh. KV is looking on and asks him to go in, you are inside jail. Rohit goes in jail back. KV says to Rohit that you are gone.

Bigg Boss tells inmates that you have to follow rules and its like making fun of rules. He tells housemates that this week’s luxury budget has been cut to zero, while Rohit’s jail term is indefinitely increased for take the punishment casually. He says we hope you follow rules. HE tells Sreesanth, Deepak are released from jail. Deepak and Sree laughs.
Megha says you people take rules casually. Sree laughs on Rohit.

Deepak keeps sitting in jail. KV asks Sree and Deepak to come out. Megha says to Jasleen that I wouldnt let anyone sleep in house when I become captain.
Surbhi, Srishty talk about how one has to behave in a very measured way in the house. Surbhi says I was not promoting Deepak to talk against Jasleen but it went against me, I dont like to dress up, I curse a lot, I have flaws. She cries. Surbhi says I cant control myself. Sristy says its okay to be yourself.

Sreesanth asks Dipika what is wrong. Dipika says she will not say anything as he doesn’t take any advice seriously. He says she is invisible for him now and asks her if she trusts him. Dipika says he should ask him that. Sree says ofcourse you dont trust me.

Rohit says to Dipika that Sristy is talking about me, she is ignoring me. She wants to talk but she controls herself, she smiles at me but cant talk.

Jasleen says to Rohit that I feel you both are linked outside, you both look together, tell me if you have crush on her? Rohit says no, seriously no, you will make me die. Jasleen says she is conscious. Rohit says she is in steady relation, you talked to her, you can tell me if she gave you a hint? Rohit denies, but Jasleen teases him, saying he is lying. Rohit tells Jasleen about a conversation Srishty and he had, he says she was telling me that I am good, I want to praise you but I stop myself. Jasleen says you are blushing, he laughs. Jasleen says Sristy seems a little upset, she used to talk to you a lot. Rohit says Manish must know she doesnt make friends so easily but she made connection with me. Jasleen says do you think if there is some attraction from her side? Rohit says I feel it sometimes. Jasleen says if Manish was not in equation then you would have proved it? Rohit laughs and says I dont know.

Sristy says to Rohit that you said to Dipika that I smile at you? Rohit says it was a normal talk. Sristy says I feel uncomfortable, you have no idea where this is going, I thought to not talk to you, I asked you to not talk to me, I changed my duties to not work with you, how obvious I can be? Rohit says dont cry. Sristy leaves.
Sristy says to Dipika that he denied that I smile at him, lets go and talk to him. Dipika and Sristy comes to Rohit. Dipika says you told me that Sristy smiled at me. Rohit says yes I felt that she wanted to talk to me. Sristy says you denied infront of me, Dipika leaves. Sristy says to Rohit that you dont have to say all that, even if I smile then why you have to tell it to Dipika? Dipika cleared her point and left.

Day 57
The house wakes up to the song ‘Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Chhodenge’ from the film Sholay. Rohit says I wont run again.

Sree says to Rohit and Deepak that you both would have to nominate someone from each other.
Bigg Boss says to inmates that you people broke many rules but we didnt punish you, we hope that you dont break rules that will get you a punishment along with others, we want to tell that Rohit’s time in jail has ended. Rohit thanks him.

KV asks Sree to mop in bedroom. Sree says I did it in morning, KV says its not clean. Shiv says its clean for me. Bigg Boss asks Sreesanth to wear his mike. KV says Sree this is not right. Sree says *****. KV asks him to mind his language. Sree says you look after yourself.

The nomination task is announced. Dipika reads that housemates will go in pairs in garden area and sit on a bike and its sidecar. They will have about 15 minutes to decide who gets saved by mutual consent. After this time, a crash time will be played. If no one is wearing a helmet, both will get nominated. If one is wearing the helmet, other will get nominated.

Romil says to Rohit that if Sristy comes in our group then we will save her so you take care of our group too.
Bigg Boss asks Deepak and Somi to come and sit on bike. Deepak says its quality time.
Deepak and Somi sits on bike. Deepak says I called you weak last week but I think you should prove that you are not weak and very strong, he gives her helmet. Somi says I was always strong. Deepak asks her to wear helmet, time will be up. Somi says let me talk first. He tries to snatch helmet from her and make her wear. Romil and others laugh. Deepak says to Somi that I trust that audience will save me so wear helmet. He makes her wear it. Somi says you deserve it too. Shiv says Deepak is enjoying date. Crash alarm plays. Deepak nominates himself. Deepak gets down from bike. Somi gets stuck in bike. Shiv says you should have helped her to get down. Deepak says Bigg Boss gave me quality time.
Somi says to Surbhi that I am not happy for Deepak, Surbhi says you will get a chance.

Surbhi and Sree are on bike. Surbhi says you think I will give helmet to you? Sree says I am not giving it to you. Surbhi says I want to win. Sree says I want to win too. Surbhi says you have hurt me a lot. Sree wears helmet and says why you laugh at me? Surbhi says I find you cute. She takes helmet from him and wears it. Deepak says to Romil that Sree said he will save happy club. Romil says he nominated us last week. Sree says to Surbhi that I think you deserve it. They change seats. Crash alarm plays. Sree nominates himself and saves Surbhi. Surbhi hugs him.

Dipika and Megha are on bike. Megha says you are doing right in show, you are king maker, you made things possible. Sree says to Deepak that they will not leave it. Megha says everyone needs a friend in this house, I am connected to you. Dipika says she saved me from nominations, I am paying her back. Dipika gives her helmet. Megha says she is nice. Dipika says I am saving her, she gives her helmet and gets nominated.

Somi and Surbhi says to Dipika that you gave up in task. Dipika says I returned her favor.

Jasleen says to Sree that I cant give up for Shiv. Sree says then dont talk, Jasleen says he will not give up too so we will both get nominated. Bigg Boss asks Jasleen and Sristy to sit on bike. Jasleen is stunned and leaves. Sree says Bigg Boss you are great.

Sristy says to Jasleen that I saved you one time when I could have nominated you. Jasleen says I cant give up this chance. Sristy says I want this chance, you owe me, I could have nominated you earlier but I didnt, you should give me a chance. Jasleen says if I safe you then I will get nominated. Sristy says you will get nominated as I wont save you so why would you be mean and not save me? Jasleen says I am not mean, its just that I cant giveup this chance. Jasleen says I will wear this helmet. Sristy says I am not giving it to you. Crash buzzer plays, they both become nominated.

Sristy asks Rohit if he will give helmet to Rohit? He says no.
Jasleen says to Shiv that you have changed, you dont need me anymore. Shiv says its my decision. Jasleen says you dont want friendship? you dont want to talk then fine, you are friend for me regardless.

Shiv and Rohit are on bike. Rohit says I have been here for 3 weeks only, I need a chance once more.
Sree says to Surbhi that Rohit is acting like a TV serial, like its life and death for him.
Shiv says to Rohit that you got a chance and you lost it. Rohit says I cant lose this chance. Crash plays and they both get nominated.

Bigg Boss says Shivashish, Rohit, Jasleen, Srishty, Dipika, Sreesanth and Deepak are nominated.

Dipika says to KV that Surbhi and Somi were questioning me that I gave up for Megha, who are they to judge me? atleast Megha supports me, they are saying I gave up so Sree gave up for Surbhi too?

Surbhi says to KV that I am confused, I think Sree is a nice person, he is playing a game, he got nominated to save me. KV says he is thinking about his career, he is playing game. Surbhi says its important for me that if someone sacrifices for me then I love them, I want to know his thoughts.

Rohit is sleeping. Bigg Boss asks KV to wake Rohit up and call everyone in living area. All come in lounge. Bigg Boss says we told you to not break rules, we heard that someone wants a second chance but he was seen sleeping now. Bigg Boss says its time for punishment. Bigg Boss tells housemates that Karanvir will decide two people who have violated rules today. Those people will wash dirty dishes kept in the store room. Karanvir takes Rohit and Sreesanth’s name. He asks inmates, Romil says alarm played for Sree and Rohit. Sree says I dont agree, I will not take punishment. KV says to Bigg Boss that he doesnt agree with anyone. Sree says I did my work. KV says if you people break rules then take punishment too. He takes votes. Surbhi doesnt vote against Sree. KV says Sree you have to follow the rules. Sree says you are talking in english. Bigg Boss asks Rohit and Sree to wash dishes and KV will keep an eye. Sree and Rohit takes dishes. Deepak and Surbhi have an argument over the latter not giving her opinion about who violates rules. Megha says this is wrong, KV says votes were against Sree. Megha says you could have taken action. Deepak says to Surbhi that you are angry that I asked Somi and not you. Sree ask them to relax. Dipika, Megha tell Romil that he gets saved as the housemates have picked one target. Romil asks Megha why she is so miffed with him? Dipika says only Romil break most rules.
Sree says to Shiv that this is shit, Sristy says dont abuse. Sree says he is ****. Sristy says I am hearing all this, you cant curse. Sree says then leave. Sristy says I will not leave. Bigg Boss asks to talk in hindi only.

Rohit and Sree are washing. Sree says this is *****. KV says work first and then curse. Sree says you work, I wont. KV says work for Bigg Boss and not for me.
Megha says this is wrong, Romil asks her to calm down. Somi says they broke rules and are getting punished.

Megha is helping Sree clean dishes. Sree says dont do it. Megha says I am helping my friend, let me get punished too. Sree is throwing dishes. Bigg Boss tells her to stop, this is breaking rules too. Deepak says she is doing this as she is seen less. Megha says I am not like you to not help my friends in right thing but in wrong thing. Deepak says you are buttering Sree and we can see that. Megha says you keep crossing teams for your gain, she asks him to stay in limits otherwise she will beat him with broom. Sristy and Dipika laughs. Deepak says you want to show your dress thats why coming in scene. Megha says dont talk about my dress, all have seen me.

PRECAP- Megha asks Deepak to stay in limits, Deepak and Romil laughs at him. Megha says I will beat you. Deepak says you cant.
In task, Romil and Sree become hitmans. They have to murder inmates. Sree says I will shoot everyone. All inmates try to stop Romil but he doesnt listen.