Bindusar marries Dharam to avoid Chandra-Nandini reunion

The upcoming twist of Star Plus’ show Chandra Nandini will show Chandra and Nandini’s reunion track amid evil plotting and planning of their enemies. In the current track of the show viewers have seen that Chandra finally sees Nandini from across the river and he is convinced that she is alive. Chandra tries to catch Nandini but Nandini escapes and runs into the palace and Chandra is determined to find her.

Chandra will now call all the women of the palace in order to investigate and track down Nandini.  Very soon, Chandra will find Nandini and happiness will return in his life. However, Nandini will not remember Chandra and will stay away from him. However, Nandini’s return in Chandra’s life will not go down well with Helena and Bindusar. Helena will investigate Bindusar against Nandini and will warn him to make sure that Nandini and Chandra never unite with each other. Bindusar will be determined to make Nandini stay away from Chandra at any cost and he will decide to use Dharma to fulfill his mission. 

Bindusar is all set to marry Charumati but very soon, Bindusra will change hi decision and will decide to marry Dharma instead in order to make him his wife and control her. Bindusar will use Dharma to seek his revenge from Nandini and make sure that Nandini never reunites with Chandra. Will Bindusar succeed to keep Chandra and Nandini away from each other? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.