Bindusara and Chandra to accept Nandini after Apama’s major truth revelation Upcoming Story

The upcoming interesting episode of Chandra Nandini will show some high intensity drama ahead.

Itt will be seen that Chandra will finally face off with Nandini…

Moreover Nandini aka Prabha will try to hide her identity but soon she will realize that she should be not be so rude with Chandragupta King.

Ahead in the upcoming track Bindusara will confront Chandra for Nandini and will reveal the past that he hates Nandini because she killed Durdhara.

It is expected that Chandra will soon reveal that Durdhara’s real killer is none else but Apama killed her.

Bindusara and Chandra accepts Nandini

Furthermore Bindusara will get shocked but after truth finding truth he will regret his mistake that he didn’t trusted Nandini his Choti Maa.

Soon our brave King Chandra and Bindusara will accept Nandini with full heart.

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