Chandra Nandini 22 August 2017 written episode, written update

Chandra hears the sound of anklets and holds Nandini’s anklet in his hand. Nandini sees her image in the mirror and wonders why is she is crying seeing Chandra’s pain. Nandini wonders why is she thinking about Chandra.

Nandini thinks this is a crime and she has to forget Chandra. Adonis asks Charumati not to go in Bindusar’s room as he is angry.  Bindusar is exercising and Adonis says that Bindusar’s anger is not getting less. Bindusar scolds Charumati as she goes to talk to him. Dharma sees Bindusar scolding Charumati. Charumati calls Bindusar selfish. Dharam thinks that Bindusra and Chandra are so different and don’t seem like father and son as Bindusar is like a demon. Dharam goes away and Kartikeya follows her and asks her why she is angry and Dharma says that Bindusar is very bad and ruthless.

Dharma tells Kartikeya that he is a good prince and respects women but Bindusar is not like him. Kartikeya says that he is scared of her and he has seen her warrior avtaar earlier. Dharma asks Kartikeya why he noticed her earlier. Kartikeya ask Dharam why she left Champa and she says for the wellbeing of her people. Kartikeya says that he husband will be a lucky man. Nandini thinks she is very unlucky as she is not able to meet her husband

.Chandra walks up behind her and calls her Prabha. Chandra gives her an anklet and says that a maid left it in his room. Nandini thinks it is her anklet and takes it from him saying she will return it to the owner. Nandini tells him that it is not appropriate for him to enter her room so late in the night. Chandra asks her whether she has loved someone. Nandini says she has loved someone and is waiting for him. Chandra says that the world thinks he is mad but he is everything only because of his love Nandini. Nandini tells him that the love between a child and parents is more important and husband-wife love should not come in the way of child’s love. Chandra says that Bindusar would have been a different person if he realized this truth. Chandra hurts his leg and Nandini takes care of him. Apama tells Helena that they will prosper if they are able to get the produce of Champa district. Apama says that Elis loves Kartikeya and this can help them to take control over Champa. Helena doubts whether Kartikeya’s family will want to accept a foreigner as their daughter in law.  Apama says that she can also ask Chitra’s alliance for Bindusar. Helena say that Bindusar is all see to marry Charumati and Apama says that Bindusar can have more than one wife. Helena sees Adonis is very happy and Adonis says he succeeded to control Bindusar’s anger. Adonis says that Bindusar saw Chandra calling a maid as Nandini and he is angry ever since. Helena worries that Nandini has returned and wants to meet Bindusar immediately. Bindusar is angry with Charumati and she puts her head on his lap and cries. Bindusar tells Charumati not to marry him. Nandini thinks he will not wait there and will leave immediately. Dharame asks Nandini where she is going and Nandini says she has to leave. Dharma says that she too wants to leave but Bindusar won’t let her go. Charumati asks Nandini to escape.

Precap: Bindusra opens the veils of the woman and Dharma gets scared when he reaches Nandini.