Chandra Nandini 23rd August 2017 written episode, written update

Dharma and Nandini see shadow of someone and get scared. Bindusar consoles Charumati and tells her not to marry him. Charumati says that she loves him since childhood. Bindusar says that he does not have a heart as he has only hatred because of his father.

Bindusar says that Chandra has gone crazy in Nandini’s love and does not realize what is right or wrong. Bindusar says that love makes a person helpless. Maid tells Bindusar that Helena has called him. Bindusar comes to meet Helena and she asks him whether Chandra has got a search done in the palace once again. Bindusar says that Chandra thinks that one of the maids is Nandini. Helena tells Bindusar to take a look at each and every maid to make sure whether Nandini is there.

Helena says that Nandini destroyed her life and they have to find her if she is back. Bindusra assures her that he will see the faces of each and every maid. Dadi comes to meet Chandra and tells him that she cannot see him having sleepless night. Dadi assures Chandra that Nandini will return to him. Dharma finds that the person hiding was Kartikeya. Kartikeya says that he has come to meet her as he is going back to Champa very soon.

Kartikeya tells Dharma that he will end her problems so she can return to Champa. Dharam tells Kartikeya that she does not want discord between Champa and Magadh because of her. Dharma assures Kartikeya that she will solve the problems. Kartikeya says he will wait for her. Dharam goes back to Nandini and Nandini tries to escape. Dharma tells Nandini that Bindusra is crazy but Nandini supports Bindusar. The soldiers announce that all maids have to be checked. Dharma asks Nandini to escape. Nandini hides somewhere and sees Nand’s sketch and remembers Nand stabbing her. All the maids are gathered and Bindusar tells Adonis that he has to complete his task. Nandini is about to escape but the soldiers catch her and takes her to Bindusar. Dharam tells Bindusar that he is a prince of a big kingdom and it is not appropriate for him to see the faces of all the women. Bindusar scolds Dharma and says that he can do anything. Dharma tells Bindusar that he is so different from his father. Dharam tells Bindusra that he behaves very badly with women. Bindusar is about to slap Dharma but Kartikeya stop him. Kartikeya tells Bindusra that he should respect Dharma. Kartikeya asks Bindusar to leave Dharma. Bindusar starts looking at the faces of the maids. Nandini’s veil is lifted and Dharma gets scared. Nandini’s face has a big burn mark and she says that she keeps her face covered because of her scar. Bindusar asks her whether Chandra had misunderstood her as Nandini and Nandini agrees. Bindusar leaves Nandini but gives a warning to Dharma. Kartikeya praises Dharma. Dharma asks Nandini why she burnt her own face and Nandini says that this is just a drama and removes the mask. Nandini tells Dharma that she is just like her daughter and she cannot put her life at risk. Dharma asks Nandini whether she has ever felt love. Nandini says she cannot recall anything but she feels something is missing after coming to Magadh. Nandini wears the veil and walks through the corridor and dashes into Chandra. Chandra tries to take off her veil but she says that her face is burnt. Chandra finally sees Nandini’s face.

Precap: Chandra asks Nandini why she did not come to him if she had returned. Nandini says that her face is similar to his wife but she is not Queen Nandini.