Chandra Nandini: Evil Helena takes drastic step to throw Nandini out from Chandra’s life Upcoming Episode

Star plus fiction drama Chandra Nandini si no doubt grabbling eye-catching twists and turns in Chandra and Nandini’s life.

Along with their 10 years separation again they will have to part ways…

It will be seen that Helena will provoke Bindusara that may be Nandini is alive if Chandra has firm believe in Nandini.

Helena will ask Bindusara to find Nandini and expel her out from Magadh palace otherwise she will again ruin Bindusara’s life.

Bindusara finds Nandini

Bindusara will be seen coming in Helena’s influence and will get incensed anger.

Bindusara will call all the Dasi’s and will check their faces, meanwhile Dharma and Nandini as if Bindusara will catch Nandini alive.

Bindusara will find Nandini or not is yet to solve but if he will catch her alive in Raj Mahal then Nandini will be out from palace and Chandra and Nandini’s love story will remain incomplete.

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