Chandra Nandini: Nandini to die saving Bindusara from Chandra’s hatred

Star plus most popular fiction drama Chandra Nandini will show some emotional drama in Chandra and Nandini’s life.

In the upcoming episode soon Chandra and Nandini will come face off.

Nandini has lost memory and for the same she has not remember that how she was died 20 years ago.

Bindusara’s attack on Nandini

Ahead Bindusara will become ill at ease knowing that Nandini has come back.

Before Nandini could re-gain memory, Bindusara will attack on Nandini so that his crime could not be able to come forth Chandra.

But before Bindusara could kill Nandini, it will be seen that Nandini after gaining memory she will either commit suicide or she will leave the Rajmahal to save Bindusara.

Because she will come to know that Bindusara was the one who pushed her down from hills.

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