Chandra Nandini Spoiler: Bindusara’s first wife Charumati and Dharma to be second wife Upcoming ?

Star plus fiction drama Chandra Nandini is currently revolving around Bindusara and Charumati’s engagement.

Ahead Bindusara and Charumati will become newlywed couple who will admire the storyline.

Beside this Dharma and Bindusara’s revenge track has also begun.

Bindusara is planning to humiliate Dharma and make her bend down on her knee.

Moreover Bindusara and Dharma will also play deadly games as Dharma is also a good warrior just like her mother Nandini.

Bindusara and Dharma’s love life

Historically it is well admired that Bindusara was married to the Brahmin daughter who belongs to Champa city.

Ahead in the storyline, Bindusara will be seen falling for Dharma.

Dharma and Bindusara will soon fall in love and Bindusara will give marriage proposal to Dharma.

Later on Bindusara will marry Dharma, as per Dharma’s low caste Bindusara will not make her Queen but after learning her Brahmin caste truth, he will make Dharma Chief Queen.

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