Dil Hi To Hai 16th July 2018 Written Update  Written Episode

The current episode starts with Rohit tells Setu that Palak should have told Ritwik about everything that his sister is going on wrong way, he clarifies to Setu that Palak did wrong by hiding everything, while Setu tells that Reva should overcome everything,

Rohit asks if she can do so, Rohit tells that he is talking about themselves Setu confesses that yes she likes him but this doesn’t mean that she loves him she goes while Rohit thinks about her.

Setu brings coffee for Palak she tells Palak that she is in love with Ritwik while Palak talks about Ritwik, there Ritwik meets a girl and tells about how Palak broke his trust, the girl tells Ritwik that he has fallen in love with the girl because yet now no girl has made her place in his heart, Ritwik thinks of the time when Palak told him about the love.

Ananya cooked breakfast for everyone where Rishab asks Saanchi to search the letter he wrote for her and now it has gone missing, Vijay and Mamta make Reva understand that she should not give much priority to anyone, Reva understands while then she asks her parents to get Ritwik and Ananya married while Rohit teases Reva if she wants her friend in her house.

Palak is planning her Mumbai trip for three months for some medical course while here Ritwik is also going on a business trip to London.

The family members make list of shopping and gifts they want from Ritwik and have fun time together while Reva leaves breakfast and goes.

Rishab tells Mamta that Ritwik is tensed and asks her to find out the reason behind his sadness while Ritwik tells that he is just having travel stress nothing else, Rishab insists him to tell truth but Ritwik hides truth, Mamta and Rishab shower their love on Ritwik.

Saanchi is arriving for her business meeting, where Mamta teases Rishab to do his packing himself, Saanchi hugs Mamta and takes blessing the duo arrive.

Ritwik and Palak in dilemma

Ritwik and Rishab get tensed as the data of all the computers of office got crashed and erased, while Rishab tells that Palak may be having the data recover, Aman calls Palak while Palak asks him to pick the hard drive from her house.

Setu brings coffee for Palak and asks her to call Ritwik once, Palak calls Ritwik on Setu’s insistence while Ritwik disconnects her calls furious Palak refuses to talk him.

Reva and the girls party with the family, Reva cheers up celebrating break up.


Setu asks Palak if she is moving to Mumbai to get rid of Ritwik or because of him while Palak refuses to accept anything and says that he was only her friend she didn’t love him why she should get affected.

There Rohit makes Ritwik understand that he should once meet Palak before going to London, he asks him to clear off misunderstandings because friends are not easily found.

Setu asks Palak to meet Ritwik once and reconcile because he maybe in ego but she should understand.


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