Dil Hi To Hai 31st August 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Everyone is seated at the dining table in Noon House. Reeva wants to go on a vacation when Manjeet tells her to go after 7 days. you guys kept calling me gold digger so I have decided to become one! I found a very rich family for my Palak. He is ten times richer than Ritvik and dint even ask for any pre-nup agreement as they are rich since birth unlike you! I thought you will read this in the newspaper but I thought to tell this to you guys personally. I will get her married within the next 7 days! Do come. Saying so, she walks away. Dadi says Ritvik will breakdown after hearing this. VP tells everyone to keep quiet on this matter. Mamta nods.

Setu says no one can know Ritvik better than Rohit. He has made some decisions. He moved on from his best friend Ananya and he could have done this

with you too in future. Palak calls herself a fool. I trusted someone who broke it just like that! Manjeet ji tells Palak about the alliance she has found for her. Setu seconds her mother. Manjeet ji says I have told Noon family that Palak will get married in 7 days. Her husband is upset that she told everyone already. She nods. That guy is better than Ritvik. He wont taunt me and make us look down. It will help me gain my respect back in everyone’s eyes. Her husband asks her if this is the only way. Manjeet ji insists. Palak will marry and help me regain my respect. Manjeet ji asks Palak if she will marry for her sake. Palak goes from there. Setu stops Manjeet ji from following her. She will come to a decision thinking about you only. Just wait.

VP tells everyone to keep Ritvik distracted. I want to see the old Ritvik and his old happy smile. Reeva again starts uploading Ritvik and Ananya’s photo calling them couple of the year. Aman tries to explain to her but in vain. They were the perfect couple for me since beginning!

Palak is thinking about the moments spent with Ritvik.

Mamta tells everyone that Setu’s pagphera is due tomorrow. Reeva is irked that they will have to go to that middle class house. Mamta points out that she too was from a middle class family and so was your Dad. VP knows Palak stays nearby and tells Aman to keep Ritvik busy tomorrow. I don’t want to see him in any more pain.

Manjeet ji comes to talk to Palak. Don’t you trust your Ma? I wont let anything wrong happen to you. I fixed this alliance mainly for your sake. that guy is really nice. He will keep you very happy. You will forget Ritvik once you are married. That family is really nice. I have invited the entire family tomorrow. Naman is really nice. Please meet them once. They like you very much. They liked you 3 years ago and like you even today. Meet them for my sake atleast.

Ritvik says I wont be able to love again soon. Ananya tells him not to say so. He says I loved 2 women – my mom and Palak. They did the same thing. They both left me!

Manjeet ji is busy with the preps. Her husband asks her what the rush is. She syas they are just coming to meet them. He reminds her that Palak’s hasn’t said anything yet. She replies that Palak has also not said no. She asks Palak to get ready. It is already 11:45. Her husband is puzzled over the time connection. He advises Palak not to rush into anything. Take your time. Don’t say yes just for any other reason.

Manjeet ji asks Gayatri about her guests. They were coming over at 11:45. Gayatri nods. I wanted you and Palak to be a part of it too but I know Palak will feel awkward. Manjeet ji tells her not to worry. We will enjoy Palak’s wedding together. Noon’s come there just then. Manjeet ji looks at them. Naman and his family come there just then. Manjeet ji meets them and takes them to her house in front of Noon’s. Reeva is in disbelief to realise Palak is going to marry in Kapoor family.

Aman and Ritvik are in the car. Aman acts to have extreme stomach pain. I think I ate peanuts. Ritvik says you haven’t turned red. Aman insists he has an allergy. Ritvik tells him to relax. I will take you to doctor.

Kapoor’s are praising Palak.

Rohit and Setu’s pag phera ceremony happens. Rohit says I will take Setu with me today itself. Mahendra asks him to come inside first. Reeva is still shocked that Palak will be marrying into Kapoor family. Ananya reasons that this way Palak and Ritvik wont be able to be together ever. This should not happen. Reeva says this is what is I always wanted. Rishabh takes Reeva aside.

Mrs. Kapoor tells Palak she got impressed seeing Palak treating a poor kid with so much love. Naman will come directly from airport. We want this wedding to happen asap. Palak excuses herself.

Ananya meets Palak outside. What is going on? You guys just fell in love. Palak says Ritvik left me. I even signed the pre-nup papers. Do you even know what was written in those papers? Ananya shakes her head. Ananya tries to talk to Palak but Manjeet ji takes her inside with her.

Ritvik brings Aman to hospital. Aman worries that he wont be able to avoid injection now. Ritvik gets out of the car. Aman gets Ananya’s call. She tells him that Palak’s wedding has been fixed. He says I know it already but we cannot tell Ritvik. She calls it wrong but he insists that Palak is also doing the wrong thing. He ends the call seeing Ritvik. He lies to Ritvik that

Ananya asks Reeva why they dint tell the truth to Ritvik. He has a right to know. Ritvik and Palak love each other. This isn’t right. Reeva is only concerned as Palak’s marriage is getting fixed to Kapoor’s. They are richer than us! Rishabh adds that Manjeet ji is only doing to show them down. Ananya clearly tells them that she fails to understand the kind of logic they are giving. She walks away> Rishabh asks Reeva if she does not think she should go to Palak’s house.

Aman buys peanuts at a red light and eats them. He again makes Ritvik take him to the hospital.

Palak gets a compliment from Naman’s sister about her ring. She tells her honestly that it’s an artificial ring. Naman’s sister steps aside to attend a call. Manjeet ji asks Palak why she had to tell this to Naman’s sister. Palak asks her if she is trying to compete with them. Manjeet ji explains that she is trying to compete with Noon family for the way they have showed her down. Naman’s sister tells them that Naman is coming in 5 minutes.

Precap: Palak is torn between family and love. It isn’t easy to forget love but Ma’s respect is also important. What should I do? She breaks down.