Dil Sambhal Ja Zara: Ahana sacrifices self happiness for Anant, Roshni and Aarav’s happiness

Star plus very well admired TV Serial Dil Sambhal Ja Zara is all the more delighting Anant and Ahana’s love story.

The very exciting twist was lined up in the story that Anant’s family once again turns major roadblock in Anant and Ahana’s happy life.

The recent track is witnessing Ahana learns about her pregnancy and she is very excited to share this happy news with Anant.

But before Ahana could share this news, Ahana stops herself rethinking of Anant, Roshni and Aarav’s happiness.

Ahana decides to abort Anant’s child

Ahana is overwhelmed while she thinks that her pregnancy news may unite Anant and Ahana’s love back.

However, things not seem to come in Ahana’s favor as Ahana suddenly thinks of Roshni and Aarav that if her pregnancy news could hurt them.

Thus Ahana reluctantly decides to get abortion where after soon Anant will pay tribute to Ahana’s huge sacrifice for Roshni and Aarav’s happiness.

Will abortion justify Ahana and Anant’s marriage relation?

What will happen next?