Dil Se Dil Tak 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shorvari Decides To Leave Parth-Teni’s Life

Dil Se Dil Tak 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on twchannels.com

The coin fell off Parth’s hand while he tries to apply the sindoor in her hairline. Teni holds the coin, while Parth feels disturbed. He finally applies the sindoor. Shorvari had turned her face and cries badly. Teni was teary while looking towards Parth. Pandit announces for Mangal sooter ritual. The Pandit announce completion of the wedding. The couple heads to take blessings from elders. Shorvari turns around to leave the chawl with a cry when she hears Ipshita’s cries. Indu had brought Ipshita to a side, Shorvari was emotional and attracted towards her daughter. She feels helpless that she can’t even hold her own baby in her arms and decides to stop herself. The Pandit asks to prepare for Bidaai. Chutkan goes to pack her bag. Indu asks Mohini to go and help Chutkan, she is holding Ipshita. Shorvari comes to know that Parth named their daughter as Ipshita. Shorvari runs out of the wedding.
Outside, she comes across her own shadow. Her inner self questioned why she is hurt watching Parth and Teni together, didn’t she want this? Shorvari cries that she has no right over Parth now, Parth would be happy with Teni. Her inner self reminds Shorvari that she isn’t weak, she is still legally his wife and must get her happiness. Shorvari decides to go away from here, as Parth and Teni are happy together.
At the Bidaai, Teni cheers the neighbors up. Chutkan comes with her bags but can’t meet his eyes with her. Teni asks if he would cry there. How can she leave happily then? Indu says wedding relations are strange. Chutkan says he will miss her and hugs Teni. Mohini hurries them for Bidaai.
Shorvari walks down the lane when a car comes from behind. The man offers her a lift as she won’t find a cab here. Shorvari moves forward with a thanks. The man offers to note his car or mobile number, but can avail the lift. Shorvari didn’t feel right to take the lift but the way could also be dangerous. She decides to go with the man.
Teni and Parth arrive at Bhanushali. Indu was happy to welcome Teni home. She was hopeful to share a mother daughter relation with Teni. Dada ji says Teni will first have to serve Teni as he is the eldest, from today he will only have tea prepared by Teni. Baa says Teni is now connected to all the relations of Bhanushali family. They are sure she will fulfil each of this. Teni was nervous, and thinks Shorvari was right that marriage brings responsibility with itself and she must now take care of everything here. Indu instructs her about the Grah-Pravesh.
The man asks Shorvari where she has to go. Shorvari asks him to drop her airport. The man asks why she has taken a veil as she appears to be pretty. Shorvari senses some danger with the man as she watches a wine bottle on the back seat.

PRECAP: Shorvari pulls the hand break of car and attempts to get out as the man gets away from airport. Parth watches this news of harassment and recognizes Shorvari.