Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update; Teni And Anushka Save Parth From Rantej

Continuation from Laado-Dil se Dil Tak Maha Episode

Teni receives the video from Parth’s torture. She gets a call from Rantej but poses to be strong. Anushka recognizes the warehouse in the video. They reach the warehouse where Parth was still hanged.
At Bhanushali house Ramnik says America is too cold for honeymoon, he will book the tickets for Australia. Dada ji says cold weather is the most appropriate for honeymoons.
Teni and Anushka calls Parth around the warehouse but no one was there. Anushka sense a trap for them in the video, as they attempt to walk out they were caught and hung on a net. Teni asks her to try and pick the pieces of broken glass around, they might use it to cut the net. Anushka was hurt by the glass but the girls set themselves free and wonder where Rantej must have taken Parth.
Rantej spills some liquor around the ice slab and throws a match stick. The fire spreads around, melting the ice slab speedily. Teni gets a call from Parth’s number again and asks if they reached the wrong place. It was his deliberate plan to dodge them, it seems she won’t be able to reach in time and save her husband. After the call, Teni cries for Parth as he is in danger. She prays for Parth’s life. She tells Anushka that she could hear temple bells ring behind, does she know some place where temple is around? Anushka knows about a Shiv temple. The girls run towards it.
Teni and Anushka were shocked to see Parth semi-consciously hung. Anushka attempts to put the fire off, while Teni goes towards Parth. They were finally able to get him down, Teni unties the robes, then thanks Anushka for her help.
Anushka says Teni’s faith saved Parth today. It has proven that women have great courage to fight any situation. Teni advices Anushka to never be discouraged anywhere in the path she is walking. Anushka says she is aware it’s a difficult one, but she will surely get justice to her sister and Rantej. Teni assures she is a phone call away from Anushka. They hug each other.

PRECAP: Dada ji and Ramnik argue about America or Australia; Teni says they will go to Nainital. On their way, Parth was a little hopeless as no one knew about Shorvari. Shorvari stood at a nearby stall where the car had stopped.