Dil Se Dil Tak 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shorvari Hides Herself From Parth And Teni

Parth was thinking about Shorvari in the room. Ipshita begins to cry at once. Teni was in the washroom. Parth calls her as Shorvari twice before she comes out. He was then apologetic to Teni as he was overthinking about Shorvari. Teni says soon he and Shorvari would be together, and its good as Shorvari is his first love.
Dada ji wasn’t ready to forgive Jalpa. Jalpa apologizes the family and asks for a single chance from them and Bharat as well. Bharat was stubborn, he announces that he doesn’t need Jalpa even for Jayu now. He decides he wants a divorce and would file a case tomorrow. The Bhanushali family was shocked.
The café owner recognizes Shorvari as she comes there. He asks her for a cup of tea or coffee. Shorvari orders a coffee. The café owner hands her a newspaper and

calls Parth. In the guest room, Parth was excited and leaves urgently with Teni and Ipshita. The café owner gets the tea served for Shorvari and restlessly wait for Parth. Shorvari turns to leave but the café owner insists on her to taste a new dish in their café. Shorvari wasn’t ready to stay as she would get late. The owner says he thought she was like his daughter, Shorvari agrees to stay. The owner calls Parth.
Parth and Teni arrive in the car. Teni stays at the entrance of café and thinks Parth is happy with Shorvari, she must not go ahead. Parth comes back to take Teni along with him. He was happy as they walked into the cafeteria. Teni was only watching Parth and thinks for Parth it’s the biggest happiness to get Shorvari back. She thinks these are the last moments of her and Parth’s relation.
The café owner finds money on Shorvari’s table along with the food plate. Parth goes looking around for Shorvari. The owner says she was right here, he made her sit but until he brought the dish she had left already. Parth wonders where she could go. The owner points towards a shortcut outside. Parth decides to find Shorvari this time and runs towards the shortcut. Shorvari was hiding in the gallery and watched this all. She spots Ipshita in Teni’s arms and thinks she wanted a shadow of the three of them over her daughter, thus named her as Ipshita.
Jalpa was packing her bags. Bharat sat on the bed and was thinking about their love confessions for each other. Jalpa turns to smile at Jayu and cries.
Parth returns to cafeteria hopelessly. Shorvari was crying in the gallery. Parth says he came here behind Shorvari, but can’t see his way ahead and wonders where he would find Shorvari now. Teni places a hand over his shoulder but he was angry at her that she stopped at the café entrance. He was only a little late and Shorvari left. Teni was speechless then says she was fearful. Shorvari was ahead and he walked towards her, she feared she was losing him. Teni says this doesn’t mean she isn’t happy, she is as restless to meet Shorvari as him. She apologizes and promises this won’t happen again. Parth also apologizes for not understanding. Teni was sure they will find Shorvari, and there won’t be any mistake next time. They were determined to reach Shorvari at any cost. Shorvari thinks she won’t come between them.

PRECAP: The café owner says he couldn’t force Shorvari to stay for another day as well. He says she has left a bag here in the café. Teni notices it was from a local shop; the shop vendor tells them that Shorvari is a teacher at a local music school. Shorvari hears a knock at the door of the room and worried if its Parth