Dil Se Dil Tak 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni’s Passport Goes Missing

Shorvari cries over Parth’s decision to take Teni to the same hotel where he took her. Mohini comes there and asks what she is doing at Parth and Teni’s room. Shorvari says she was packing for Teni. Mohini highlights that Switzerland is the place where she had gone with Teni, they must enjoy a lot there and get close to each other. She tells Shorvari to spend some good time with her daughter here. She asks Shorvari where she got this heart to share her husband with Teni. No mother can bear her husband with another woman. She asks why Parth decided to take her where she had taken her. She calls Shorvari downstairs where they can prepare some favorite snacks of Parth and Teni. Teni sat on the bed upset and spots the passport lying nearby on the bed.
Parth comes to the room. He asks Teni

why isn’t she ready yet. Teni complains about the extensive packing she had to do. Parth tells her to hurry up, she will get enough time to fight in Switzerland. She goes to get ready while Parth carries the bags downstairs. Parth takes a leave from Dada ji. Shorvari brings Ipshita downstairs while Teni also comes down. Dada ji tells Parth to hold the old relations along with the new ones. Shorvari smiles towards Teni weakly. Baa tells them to take the snacks in the car. Teni hurries Parth to leave. He asks if she checked the passport and everything. Teni assures Shorvari did all the packing. Parth was sure Shorvari never forgets anything. Shorvari asks Teni and Parth to bid a good bye to Ipshita as well. Teni was emotional while leaving Ipshita, Parth speaks to Ipshita that they will soon be back, and she shouldn’t tease Shorvari by then. He tells Shorvari to take care of herself. Shorvari tells him to take care of himself. On the way, Teni was excited to go to Switzerland. She was quizzical about the aero plane flight. Parth tells her to hold her passport and visa. Teni looks into the bag but her passport wasn’t there.
Mohini finds Shorvari prepare milk for Ipshita and asks if Parth and Teni have reached the airport. She appreciates Shorvari’s courage. Other women’s are jealous of any woman their husband look at. Baa hears this conversation. Mohini tells Shorvari that all the older memories would wipe off. Shorvari replies to Mohini that Teni is Parth’s wife, not another woman. She tells Mohini to learn and live happily, and let others live happy as well. Baa comes to scold Mohini and send her in kitchen. Shorvari gets a call from Teni, Shorvari says it’s in the middle pocket of handbag. Shorvari was sure. Parth speaks to Shorvari and was angry at her as Passport isn’t here in the bag. Shorvari says she remembers well. Parth gets a reminding message that flight is in time. He tells Shorvari to look again at home and send the passport through driver. Shorvari toes to check in the room but passport was nowhere. Parth and Teni look into the suitcases. Parth calls Shorvari again, both couldn’t find passport. Shorvari says she will hand it over to her as soon as she finds the passport.
At home, Indu decides to help Shorvari find the passport. Parth gets a call from Dada ji, he tells Parth to look around near the seat. Parth tells Teni if this flight is lost, they can’t go to Switzerland.
Late at night, Parth and Teni were at home. Mohini feels bad for Teni as she couldn’t even reach the airport.

PRECAP: Dada ji wonders where they passport can go, Mohini remembers it was on the bed when Shorvari was packing the bags. Later, Shorvari comes to Teni in the kitchen and asks what’s she doing. Teni dryly replies that its in front of her eyes.