Dil Se Dil Tak 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shorvari Dodge Parth-Teni Through Anorima

Parth and Teni were excited to see Shorvari, but the lady turns out to be Anorima. Parth asks who is she, and where is Shorvari? Anorima asks who Shorvari? She is the only music teacher in this school. Parth argues that this is impossible, the shop keeper also witnessed she is here. Anorima agrees that she went to that shop. Parth insists that the cafeteria owner also recognized Shorvari. He insists that even in the CCTV video it was Shorvari there. Anorima says she had taken the lift that night and it was her biggest mistake. She has come to Nainital for a new beginning. Parth wasn’t ready to accept that he can mistaken his Shorvari with anyone else. He insists on Anorima to prove that it was her, not Shorvari. Anorima wasn’t ready to prove anything as she doesn’t even recognize them and

tells them to leave. Teni requests Anorima to help them for the sake of this baby girl. Anorima says she understands their sentiments, though she disliked Parth’s attitude. She agrees to go with them.
In the cafeteria, Parth asks the café owner to recognize if this is the girl he informed them about. The café owner looks towards Shorvari’s photo closely and says this is the same girl. Parth insists these are different girls. The man apologizes for misrecognizing the girl. Teni suggests Parth to go to the shopkeeper. Anorima was irritated. Another customer at the café calls the shopkeeper as he is their member. Teni calms Parth down. The shopkeeper recognizes Anorima as the girl who exchanged sweater. Teni says they must have a misunderstanding; but her heart is still not ready to accept they were looking for a wrong girl. Parth leaves the cafeteria. Shorvari watch them leave. Anorima tells Shorvari that Parth now believes he followed only a shadow of Shorvari. She recalls how she exchanged the sweater with the shop owner and bargained with her. She had similarly come to cafeteria in a cheerful mood. The café owner tries to recognize the girl with his glasses on. Shorvari thanks Anorima for helping her out. Anorima says it’s the first time she feels bad to help something, what Shorvari did was wrong.
At the café entrance, Teni places a hand over Parth’s shoulder. They hold hands while leaving. Shorvari watches them and says she is sure Parth still loves her, but she shouldn’t forget Teni sacrificed her life only because of her. She only prays for a happy and easy life for Parth.
Spursh watches the packed luggage and asks Jalpa where they would go? Bharat comes to the door and asks Jalpa to share with him they are leaving home and the reason as well. Spursh will have to face the reality someday. Jalpa must tell Spursh what she has done, and what her relation with Spursh is. He tells her to reach Bhanushali house within 2 hours for a meeting with the lawyer. Spursh says he dislikes when Bharat speaks ill to her, she must tell him the truth. Jalpa was silent.
In the guest room Parth was upset about all the developments of the day. He thinks about Teni’s support for him and that she has stood beside him although she is aware her world would be ruined if he finds Shorvari. Teni asks Parth about their time of return. He says they will leave in a while, by noon. Teni goes to prepare Ipshita’s milk and do the packing. Parth holds her hand. He apologizes her for being strange and is negating the truth. He followed only a shadow of Shorvari and Teni has always stood beside him. Teni says she was all alone in this life, she only realized the meaning of companionship when Parth held her hand. She values his happiness more than herself now, and will be happy only when Parth is happy. Teni forces a smile while her eyes fill with tears.

PRECAP: Parth and Teni get a special complementary honeymoon cottage from the hotel management.