EDT Upcoming Story Track Chandni plays revenge game instigating Rati against Bedi family Turning Twist

The last Night Track Going Was Chandni Play Revenge Game Against Bedi With Take Support Rati

The current track is revolving around Shiv and Sharanya’s hunt behind the culprit while Vyom is busy in hiding his criminal past from Sharanya.

Apart from this, Chandni is playing her own revenge game inside Bedi house.

However Chandni wants to ruin Rajan and his family she plans to use Rati against Bedi family.

Chandni throws master card against Bedi

Chandni gets golden opportunity when she finds Rati alone and disappoint because Vidyut is missing.

that Vidyut is missing while no one cares for him and her life.

Rati somehow refuses to believe that Bedis are responsible behind Vidyut but Chandni keeps on manipulating Rati.

Soon Chandni will execute her dirty planning and plotting when she will make Rati believe that Sharanya is responsible for Vidyut gone missing and Bedis are hiding Sharanya’s mistake.

Let See Whats Twist And Turns Upcoming