Epi begins with Sharanya asking Vyom to pardon her once again as she is leaving without telling him anything. It is important though. It needs to be ended. Don’t know what will happen there. It might be possible that I will never return, that I wont be able to see you again! I might live or not but you will live! She leaves.

Sharanya is on her way to Kapali Hills. She remembers Sadhvi ji’s words about the weather right now. The weather is not so good but this story must end from where it started. Kapali Hills is fully covered with snow. She looks at the milestone of Kapali Hills (5 kms) and recalls the same flashes of accident. She looks in the rear view mirror and sees Shiv’s bloodied eyes. She applies brakes and gets out of the car. She sees some flashes. She finds herself standing

right next to that milestone. It is the same place where she had met Shiv for the first time. She bends down and remembers that Shiv got wounded badly during that accident. She sees flashes of a bloodied knife, her father who got wounded in the accident and Shiv saying that Sharanya is only his. She sees Shiv’s face and feels that he died during that accident. Maybe this is why his spirit is after me. Did I kill him intentionally or unintentionally? Shiv steps out from behind her. All these signs connect me to my past which means I am on the right path. It is time to find out about my past. Shiv walks up to her. She senses his presence near her. She runs back to her car. Shiv smiles.

Sharanya reaches Kapali Hills Temple. Shiv is shown running in the jungle. Flashback is shown when Sharanya had come to this temple with someone earlier. She sees more flashes of that time. On the other hand, Shiv continues running deep in the jungle. Sharanya sees herself coming here in the past with Vyom. She climbs the stairs up the idol.

Vyom’s moves his fingers.

Sharanya pays reverence to Maa. Shiv is walking to the other side. Sharanya sees a torch there and lights it.

Vyom begins to move his hand.

Shiv continues climbing higher.

Sharanya lights all the torches. Come what may today, you will have to help me today Ma. It is Karvachauth today and I am not with my husbamd.

Doctor gives injection to Vyom.

Sharanya says he is fighting with death while I have come to fight with the one who pushed my husband to death. On one hand, it is you and I while on the other hand, it is that bad spirit. The decision is in your hands now Ma.

Shiv shouts Sharanya’s name. She hears it and gets worried / scared. He shouts her name repeatedly. He reaches the temple as well and calls out her name. She recalls Sadhvi ji’s words. He cannot enter in temple but he would try to divert your attention during your prayer. Don’t concentrate on him. Complete what I have told you. Don’t step out of temple. Shiv keeps calling out her name but she does not respond. Sadhvi ji had warned her not to look into Shiv’s eyes as he can cheat her then. Don’t give him any chance. Offer this chunri and vermilion to Devi Ma. They are the emblem of a married woman. Pour this over him when he will inch closer. He will be finished! Shiv says it is enough that you came this far. Step out now. I will tell you everything.

Sharanya sits down and lights a diya. Shiv keeps taking her name to call for her attention but in vain. She chants Om Jayanti Mangla Kali mantra which affects him badly. All the past incidents are shown when she got scared because of Shiv. She asks Devi Ma to return her true love to her. you must save the one who has loved me deeply. You have to save the one who fought with death for me. You have to save true love Ma. Your daughter is calling you. You have to come. Give us, me strength to fight with this evil power. Make good win over evil. It is said that bad spirits cannot be near you then how can he come here. How did he get so much strength? Shiv bangs his fist angrily which ends up creating an avalanche.

Shayari –

Fir se beeta hua wo pal anne wala hai
Hai ek aag jise (missed a word or two here)
Ye hawaon me ud raha hai jo dhuan ban ke
Ye lal rang ishq wala hai

(The moment that has passed is about to return. It is a fire which… This red colour, which is flying in the air like smoke is of love.)

Precap: Sharanya falls down while running and ends up holding a hand that emerges out of ice. She thinks someone is in problem and assures him that she will save him. She is shocked to see Shiv’s dead body as she removes the ice.