Sharanya is shocked to see Shiv’s dead body as she removes the ice from his face. She remembers the accident scene when she had seen Shiv for the first time. Shiv stands before her. She looks at him and then at his dead body in shock. Flashes of Shiv confessing his love to her are shown. She also remembers saying I love you to him and of some moments they had spent together (Shiv giving her stargazers; of them sharing some lovely moments together. she looks at his spirit in shock. Title track plays as they look at each other. She walks up to him in trance.

Shiv asks Sharanya if she still does not remember anything. She recalls the time when he had shouted her name. She came running towards the balcony. Shiv says I love you to her. She smiles shyly. Flashback ends. Another flashback is

shown where she comes down and hugs him. They fall on the ground and look into each other’s eyes.

Shayari –
Mere labz labz tere hoton pe, tu nabz nabz me meri basa
Main rooh rooh sa chalta hu, tu shamil hai meri yaadon me
Mere dil ka sukun, mere dil ka junoon, tu ishq hai mera shaista sa
Mehsus karun tujhe har pal, bhar kar meri baahon me

They say i love you to each other and share a kiss. Another scene is shown where Shiv tells Sharanya that he thinks of Kapali Temple’s Devi Ma as his Ma. It snows heavily there. No one goes there because of the same. She saved me. It is said that I was lying there unattended for 3 days. I don’t know who my parents are or if they are or not. I don’t know if they were helpless or they left me willingly. I don’t know anything. He cries. She feels bad seeing him thus and wipes his tears. Why do you say so? You are not alone. I am with you. He holds her hands. I know which is why this head which only bows down before Devi Ma, bends down before you today. There is no way to tell you / assure you how much I love you. Just read my eyes as words mean many things at once. He proposes her for marriage. She happily agrees. They share a hug. He says another romantic shayari. She promises to be his in this life and all the other births. I am yours. My every wish, every prayer, every happiness is only yours. He says my death is also yours.

Tears stream down Sharanya’s cheeks as she utters Shiv’s name. Madno plays in the background as they both look at each other. Past happy memories flash before their eyes. She extends her hand to touch him but it just goes right across. She tries again but is unable to touch or hold him. She cries feeling helpless. She runs back to his dead body and cries holding him. She keeps his head on her lap. Ice clears from Shiv’s face as she caresses his ice off his face (dead body). She shouts his name.

Sharanya walks back to Shiv’s spirit. She takes his name again. He nods. I know Sharanya’s Shiv. She adds that she is Shiv’s Sharanya. She tries hugging him again but fails. She looks at her hands in disbelief. I want to touch you once. I want to feel your presence once. Just hug me once. Please. He says wish it was possible. Wish there was no if between us. You can hear me, see me, feel my presence but you cannot touch me. I am just a feeling.

Precap: Sharanya confirms about the accident with Shiv. You died in the accident right? He tells her that it was no accident. I was murdered. Flashback of the same is shown where Shiv is being beaten by the goons and murdered.