Sharanya says it is said that bad spirits cannot be near you then how can he come here. How did he get so much strength? Shiv bangs his fist angrily which ends up creating an avalanche. Sharanya says whoever you are, you cannot scare me. the story which started here will end here only. You wanted me but could not get me. You would have tried to separate me and Vyom while you were alive but you couldn’t succeed which is why you came back after your death. You came to make your plans come true but you wont be able to do anything even today! You must leave this world once and for all!

Shiv gets up. Sharanya chants the mantra again. Shiv joins her and repeats the mantra with her. He walks up to her. She stops chanting the mantra but he does not stop. He continues saying more mantras. She stands

rooted to her place in shock. How can this spirit chant the pious mantras of Devi Ma? Shiv looks at Ma’s idol.

Some ladies ask Sadhvi ji why she called them here. Sadhvi ji shares that she is trying to save a girl whose husband’s life is in danger. I am trying to save them only. You all are married. Let’s offer vermilion to Ma.

Sharanya recalls Sadhvi ji’s words.

Sadhvi ji says Ma will not ignore the power of vermilion. She only can understand its power.

Sharanya walks towards the plate. Shiv mentally coaxes her to look at him. Where are you going now? I am right here. Look at me Sharanya. Sharanya thinks of Sadhvi ji’s warning words. Don’t look in his eyes. He can divert you.

The ladies offer vermilion to Ma.

Sharanya also lifts vermilion in her hand. Vyom’s hand shakes.

Shiv calls out to Sharanya.

The ladies notice that the diya blew off. Plus, the vermilion has turned black. This is inauspicious. Sadhvi ji is unable to figure out what this means. Vermilion is the symbol of life while black vermilion hints at death. It means Sharanya’s husband’s life is in danger. She sees Sharanya falling down from the mountain and runs out of the temple. Sharanya’s words echo in her head. She reaches the top of stairs but stops. She is in a fix. I haven’t stepped out of this temple since last 25 years. I must break this vow in order to keep your respect intact, to keep Sharanya’s faith intact. What are you hinting at Ma? If Sharanya loses her life because of me then my life will be of no use. Protect us Ma. She runs downstairs.

Shiv calls out to Sharanya again. Listen to me. Look at me. She throws vermilion at him but nothing happens to him. It is thrown back at her face only and fills her hairline. The red chunri falls between them. She looks at Shiv. The moon comes out too. She looks up in shock and then at Shiv. She starts running. Shiv smiles at Devi Ma’s idol and goes after Sharanya. Title song plays in the background.

Sharanya falls down while running. Sadhvi ji’s warning words echo in her head again. She gets up and tries to run but finds Shiv standing in her way. She recalls Shiv’s accident. She avoids looking him the eye and resumes running. Shiv follows her uphill.

Sharanya keeps running. She finds Shiv before her at every point. Shiv’s words echo in the background (Sharanya is only mine)!

Sadhvi ji reach hospital looking for Vyom. Nurse takes her to his room. His condition is a little critical. Sadhvi ji asks if his parents are here. Nurse shares that they have been with him all the time but they have gone out for now as it is Karvachauth. Sadhvi ji is allowed to peek at Vyom from outside.

Sharanya slips and rolls down the mountain. The flashes of her accident are shown. She ends up holding a hand that emerges out of ice. She would have not survived if she had not gotten hold of it. She looks down and gulps.

Sadhvi ji enters Vyom’s ward. She recalls what Sharanya had told her. forgive me son. It’s all because of me. You love Sharanya so much. You even fought with death for her. She is really lucky to have a husband like you. You love her so much. She has gone to fight with that devil to get you back! She has gone to get all her answers. May Devi Ma be with her so you both get rid of all the problems. She holds his hand. May Mata Rani be with both of you. She looks at his hand in confusion. The lines on his hand are different than the hand I had seen with Sharanya.

Sharanya manages to come up safely. He saved me. He got killed though. Don’t know how many people this spirit will kill! Ma’s becoming weak before him. She thinks that the guy is in problem and assures him that she will save him. She is shocked to see Shiv’s dead body as she removes the ice from his face.

She remembers the accident scene when she had seen Shiv for the first time. Shiv stands before her. She looks at him and then at his dead body in shock.

Shayari –

Ae dil zara samjha kar
Jiski yaadon me tu rona nai chahta
Wo tera hona nai chahta

Precap: Shiv asks Sharanya if she still does not recognize him. Some flashes of their past are shown.