Ek Deewana Tha 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Twchannels.com

Epi begins with Sharanya saying I want to touch you once. I want to feel your presence once. Just hug me once. Please. He says wish it was possible. Wish there was no if between us. You can hear me, see me, and feel my presence but you cannot touch me. I am just a feeling. I am trying to make you realise my presence since the time you got out of coma. I have been trying to help you recall our truth. I wanted to stop you but you were walking in trance. My voice or feeling dint reach you. Flashes of the incidents that happened when she had woken up from coma are shown. I used to give you stargazers. You smelled dead body when Vyom gave it to you right? Whenever you smelled stargazers, it was my smell. I wanted to tell you I am with you, near you but I could not tell you. Flashback of Shiv gifting

stargazers to Sharanya is shown. When you hand got stuck in bathtub that day, I was just trying to tell you that I am waiting for you here since 2 years. I kept reminding you of what happened in Kapali Hills but I failed every time! I would have given up but when you took my name while doing Shiv ji’s puja, I got a ray of hope. Flashback of Shiv shouting Sharanya’s name when she was doing puja in Shiv temple is shown. They used to pray to Shiv ji together. I showed you the ring I had given to remind you of our relation but how will you remember it when you had forgotten all about me.

Flashback of Shiv gifting the ring to Sharanya is shown.

It was as if my memories were washed out of your head. All my memories used to scare you. I couldn’t reach you till you would take my name. This was the reason of the distance between us. I am not scary spirit. I am just a lost memory which wanted to unite with you. I am very weak but I used to gain strength whenever you were in trouble. When you called out to your true love before Devi Ma today, she broke all rules and brought me before you. You can see me, hear me and talk to me. Sharanya cries as she takes his name. He kisses her on her forehead and cheeks and hugs her (imagination). I just want to touch you once Shiv. She tries holding him again but fails. Shiv looks at her sadly. Why are you crying? Your love won yet again. She asks him how her love won. I lost! My love lost. I lost you for forever! What happened? How did it happen? We were about to meet my parents to discuss about our relation, to convince Papa about our marriage. Why did this happen then? Sadhvi ji said that the lines of our hands are joined, that our fates our tied. Why did they separate then? Shiv recalls the time when he had shown his hand to Sadhvi ji.

Sadhvi ji looks at Vyom’s hand and at his face. She remembers meeting Shiv and moves the bandages and oxygen mask off Vyom’s face. She is stunned to realise the truth. Sharanya needs to be told. She goes out.

Sadhvi ji’s words echo in Vyom’s mind. He opens his eyes.

Sharanya asks Shiv what happened later. I remember writing a letter to Papa. Shiv reads the letter (in flashback). I am writing to you about something really important. I am in problem. He asks her why she is scaring her father. She tells him to listen to her. The problem is Mummy. I have fallen in love with someone. Don’t do melodrama hearing this as it is Mummy’s department. Let her be shocked. Please handle her. His name is Shiv. Sharanya’s Shiv and Shiv’s Sharanya. Flashback ends.

Sadhvi ji decides to tell v. She dials her number when Vyom calls out to her. He steps out of the ward. Sharanya told me about it. you only saved my life. She recalls meeting Shiv with Sharanya and then looks at Vyom. He gives credit to her for his life. I keep falling in problems and your blessings save me always. I am standing fine before you because of your blessings only. She takes his leave. He asks about Sharanya. She always goes without telling me and falls in problems. I get worried. Where did she go now? Sadhvi ji lies to him but he points out that she said she came to see him as she knew Sharanya isn’t here. You would know where she is. Sadhvi ji says she would be fine wherever she would be. You should rest. She begins to go when he asks her if Sharanya went to Kapali Hills. Sadhvi ji stops in her tracks.

Shiv tells Sharanya to remember. We were going to Devprayag to seek your parents’ permission.

Sharanya continues writing the letter in flashback. We are coming to meet you. The guy is really handsome just like I am beautiful. Handle my mom. Shiv asks her if her mom is dangerous. She nods. Papa is chilled out whereas mummy is impossible. If she finds out I hid such a big matter from her then she will beat us from belan. He changes seat. Is she really dangerous? Sharanya continues scaring him. He says it means we can be beaten too. She nods. Shiv is in thoughts. She says I wonder how can a tall guy like Mr. 6 foot 4 inch be so scared. Don’t be scared. When she will find out how much I love you, she will love you too. I am naughty like papa and love like mother. He looks at her ring. Send this ring with the letter to your parents. If they can understand the letter then they can understand my love seeing this ring too. They would know that this Shiv would die but he wont let anything happen to his Sharanya. She says you made me fall for you by talking all these intense dialogues. He hugs her. She adds she is sure mummy will be convinced. We will unite then.

Sharanya recalls Vidyut telling her about a letter. Was this the same letter? Shiv nods. I was with uncle when he reached Devprayag. He read it. He got the ring too. He left to stop your wedding but! Sharanya asks him why he dint save papa. Have you seen his killer? Did you see who killed him?

Precap: Vyom asks Sharanya why she came here alone. Sharanya says I came to know my past. What bothered me always will not bother me anymore. Vyom turns and looks in the direction where Shiv is standing.