Sharanya asks Shiv if he means Vyom killed him.

Vyom tells Sadhvi ji she is right. I killed Shiv! Flashback of Vyom stabbing Shiv is shown.

Shiv says it was Vyom or one of his family members.

Vyom says I told about getting plastic surgery done but women think too much. He holds a plastic tube. Women think too much. You were right. I killed Shiv! She looks at him in fear. He says it is said that you should snatch what fate does not give you. Shiv was my best friend but unluckily, he fell in love with the girl I loved. He died as a consequence. You know way too much now. As a consequence! She pushes him.

Shiv says his family members wanted you to become his life partner. Madhvi aunty, Rajan uncle, Vidyut, even someone else also tried to convince me to leave you! Sharanya

wonders if Vyom is behind all this.

Vyom strangulates Sadhvi ji. Vyom suggests her to discuss everything with Shiv at length now. Come down if you feel like coming again like Shiv. Some people hear some noise coming from the old operation room. Vyom keeps his hand over Sadhvi ji’s mouth. Ward boy comes and thinks it to be some cat. He leaves. Vyom is hiding behind something holding Sadhvi jis throat using that tube.

Shiv says it might be Vyom only. He is only lying to you since you gained conscious. Sharanya looks at Shiv in shock. Shiv says he is saying what I said and is trying to win your heart. He made my song his. Sharanya recalls Shiv singing the song for her in the past. Shiv says he kept you in dark. She nods. He did tell me a story in which you were the villain and he was the hero. Shiv shakes his head. Everyone in college also said he loves you madly. He even married you stealthily. Sharanya recalls marrying Vyom. Shiv says I tried stopping your wedding a lot but couldn’t do anything. Whatever happened back then was a sham! You know everything now. You wont return to that house now.

Vyom says you dint marry. How would you understand it then? You would not understand how it feels when you are near someone but are not near them; when you make someone your life but still don’t become a part of their life. Ask me. I killed Shiv! I have shed tears of blood all 3 years of college. No one understood my pain. You should get love in return of love. Sadhvi ji tells him that Sharanya can never be his. Her name is not written in your hands. Shiv and Sharanya are made for each other. She breathes her last. Vyom says it wasn’t written in your hands that I will kill you. We make our own density. I will take out the heart of whoever will try to get Sharanya out of my life / heart! He takes out a knife. Some blood spills around Sadhvi ji.

Shiv says I struggled but couldn’t do anything for you. I promise to not let any danger even come near you. I saw you living / breathing with the help of machines for the past 2 years but I couldn’t do anything. It was like dying every second. I was waiting to see you wake up so I get freedom. When you finally gained conscious, I was left stunned to hear all those lies from Vyom. May God never give anyone such friends! You will have to go away from him and that family. Cover my body in ice for now. Once my last rites happen, I will have to go away from you. Once I take you to Devprayag safely, you can do the last rites. I cannot see you in danger. Bury my body in ice. She refuses but he requests her to do it for him.

Shiv’s words echo in Sharanya’s mind as she walks absentmindedly. Vyom reaches there. She looks at him in shock. He hugs her. Shiv stands behind him. Vyom asks Sharanya why she came to Kapali Hills alone. Sharanya looks at Shiv who tells her no one else apart from her can see her. Think with a cool head. Anger wont help. Vyom again asks Sharanya why she came here alone. She says I came to know my past. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t recall anything. What bothered me always will not bother me anymore. Vyom says all this will kill me. I don’t understand anything. What are you saying? She tells him she came to save his life. I saved mine in turn. He tells her she does not need to do all this. I only care for you. I am because of you. I am nothing without you. Just take me with you next time. I promised to protect you always. He hugs her but she does not hug him back. Shiv tells Sharanya not to say anything. Do as he says. Go to that house, pack your bags and leave as soon as you can. I am with you. Don’t get scared.

Madhvi says Sharanya is missing. I am sure she took Vyom with her. Raj, you did a very big mistake by bringing destruction upon the house! Rajan also thinks if it was the biggest mistake of his life to get Vyom married to Sharanya. Vyom calls out to him just then. Madhvi and Rajan look at him in surprise. Madhvi asks him where he was. We were so worried. Vyom tells his dad he is standing on his feet because of Sharanya today. You are talking like this about her! Rajan tells him to first answer his mother. You left hospital when we left hospital. I am sure it’s all because of her. Vyom says it was not just your wife’s karvachauth but my wife’s too. Her prayers seemed stronger than yours. You speak so badly about the girl who is praying for me! Shame on you guys! It is only because of her puja’s that I am fine. This house is safe only because of her. You all cannot talk like this about her. Sharanya looks at him. Shiv stands next to Sharanya. He advises her to leave the house asap. I don’t feel we can trust anyone in the house.

Rajan apologizes to Sharanya. We were just concerned about Vyom. We dint mean it though. Please forgive us. Doctor said Vyom wont be able to stand on his feet for months but he is fine because of you. Thank you so much. Come for puja. Madhvi tries to say something but Rajan asks Sharanya to go. Everyone heads to their rooms. Vyom tells Sharanya to freshen up. I will come. He goes with his father.

Shiv tells Sharanya not to miss the chance. Everyone is in the garden. Just pack your stuff and leave the house. She stands there quietly.

Precap: Shiv asks Sharanya why she isn’t packing. She refuses to go anywhere till she gets the culprits punished. Shiv looks at her in shock.