Vyom holds the pot and takes it near her. Sharanya and Shiv recall her promise made just now. Shiv keeps his finger on the pot and the water turns to ice. Vyom remarks that her fast is complete for her husband’s long life now. Vyom goes aside when Rajan calls him. Sharanya looks at the pot in surprise. Shiv says you are doing so much for me. I too have some responsibility towards you. I can do this much atleast. Sharanya says I cannot pray for a long life for you but I promise you I will get your culprits punished. Vyom asks Sharanya to come. She wonders who would be the killer. Shiv asks her what she is thinking. Are you planning something? Don’t do anything right now. She begins to walk towards Bedi family. Shiv follows her closely advising her against anything. Rajan asks her what happened.

She recalls Shiv telling him that he feels his murderer is from Vyom’s family. She remembers Sadhvi ji’s words and of Shiv’s hint about his killer. Shiv tells Sharanya not to do anything. She bends down to touch Rajan’s feet. Shiv warns her against saying anything. Your life will be in danger if anyone gets a doubt here. We will find a way out. Sharanya vows to find out the truth. You were most eager to get me married to Vyom. I will find out who killed my Shiv.

Rajan holds Sharanya’s hand just when she is about to touch his feet. What are you doing? Sharanya says it is my first karvachauth. Bless me. Shiv heaves a sigh of relief. Rajan blesses Sharanya. She next tries it with Madhvi who steps back. This isn’t needed. Sharanya turns to Chandni. Her feet are covered with saree. Chandni hugs her. I don’t believe in all this. Sharanya thinks they got saved today but I will bring out the truth real soon.

A guy asks Odhni if some storm came here. Odhni says think it to be like that only. She recalls Shiv’s grand entry breaking her house’s wall. A very big storm came and messed up everything. She tells that guy (sound engineer) to decode that voice mail. My friend Freddy is in real danger. He asks her if this is something illegal. She asks him if he thinks her to be some criminal. Fix it asap. She thinks it was Freddy’s last voice mail. There was lots of disturbance. I couldn’t listen properly. I might find some clue if the voice quality improves. She hopes he is fine.

Vyom comes to a room with a plate of food. Someone is sitting or is tied to the chair. He sits down on the opposite chair. Sharanya broke her fast but you haven’t eaten anything. A flashback of Shiv and Vyom’s college scene is shown. Tonight is a very big day for me. Sharanya got my biggest enemy out of my way – Shiv! I killed Shiv first. Now Sharanya killed his soul. I don’t know if there was any spirit or not but I don’t care. I feel she has started falling for me. She drank water from my hand on karvachauth. I think she is in love. He is feeding food to someone and takes a bite too. He leaves the plate of food for that person. I am going to my Sharanya. He stops at the door and turns. Eat it.

Shiv asks Sharanya why she had to do it. What is someone got a doubt? She is unable to figure out why Vyom lied to her. I was checking everyone’s feet to find that birthmark but only Vyom had the reason to kill you! He cheated me and my family. He has hurt them so much. He even tried to misbehave with me! He was acting to be possessed right? Shiv nods. I am not a spirit who can overtake someone’s body. I tried to get inside Vyom but I failed. If I had that power then I would have communicated to you long ago. She says I hated you believing all his lies. Shiv says maybe this is what he wanted. Your hatred towards me might make some place for him in your heart. She wonders why he acted to be possessed. I agreed to marry him any which ways. Shiv is also clueless about the same question. She points out that the killer is thinking way ahead than them. I will find my answers when I will check Vyom’s leg. I will then find out if he is the killer or if it is someone else! Vyom says no one can come between us now! Who are you talking to? She lies that she was trying to contact Sadhvi ji. He remembers killing her in the hospital. Did you speak to her? She denies. She isn’t picking phone. Don’t know any alternate number. He says she might be busy in puja. She will call when she will be free. They sit down for coffee. He offers to make it but she chooses to do it.

Flashback shows Shiv, Sharanya and Vyom having coffee together. Vyom is happy that she remembers it that he takes only one sugar in coffee. It is good that you remembered something atleast. Flashback says Vyom telling Sharanya it is his childhood habit. I always go for just one. One sugar cube, one love! She reiterates his dialogue shocking both Shiv and Vyom. Shiv warns her not to be mad. If you say anything now, he will feel you remember everything. Vyom asks her about what she just said. She acts innocent. I don’t know how I thought of it. Is there something special about these lines? He denies. I used to say it when you, I and! She stresses at and but he dismisses it. Shiv tells Sharanya not to take any risk. Sharanya looks at Vyom. Your actions are a very big reason for me to doubt you. Vyom looks at her when she isn’t looking at him. you cannot even dream what all I have done to get you! You should just pray for me and my life. I will fill your life with happiness.

At night, Vyom and Sharanya are sleeping. She sits up suddenly and thinks about that birthmark. Shiv asks her what she is thinking now. She looks at Vyom who is still sleeping peacefully and gets out of the bed quietly. She lifts the blanket in an attempt to check the mark on Vyom’s leg.

Precap: Sharanya is taking out clothes for Vyom when she suddenly notices something. She tells him that now she will listen to her.