Suddenly lights go off and room door gets closed. Sharanya gets scared and goes to Vyom. Vyom says he’s fine. Sharanya gets balm for him. He tells her that she is blessing in his life who makes all his difficulties easier. She shares all his pain. That’s why it’s very important for him to have her in his life. Sharanya applies balm on Vyom’s hand. Tum Saath Ho song plays… Sharanya has tears in her eyes. Vyom asks what happened. She says he waited 2 years for her and did so much for her in those 2 years. And what she did with him? Vyom hugs her from side and says she gave her friendship, made him part of her life, married him and gave purpose to live. If two people love each other truly, then no one can separate them. He promised her dad that he will madly love her and

he will fulfill his promise.

It’s morning. Both are still in each other arms. They wake up. Sharanya apologizes him for sleeping on his arm. Vyom says he can take any pain seeing her sleeping so peacefully. She says he needs a chance to say filmy line. He says it’s from his heart, not filmy line. Both smile.

Sharanya is taking shower. Vidyut watches her secretly. This angers Shiv. Sharanya feels someone is there and puts her bathrobe on and runs outside. She shows her disgust for Shiv thinking it was him. Shiv breaks glass and 1 of the pieces flies to Vidyut and hurts him.

Rajan asks inspector to finish postmortem fast, they are waiting for the body. Rajan informs that to Vyom and asks where Sharanya is. Vyom says she is getting ready. He is taking her to her home. Manager comes and tells Rajan that chemicals are here. Rajan calls Vidyut and asks how he got hurt. Vidyut says Avni’s toy. Rajan tells him they are moving chemicals in goddown and he wants him to supervise that. Vyom comes with Sharanya and they are leaving. Vidyut watches Sharanya lustfully. Rajan sees that and gets angry.

Sharanya’s mom is missing Ram and crying. Sharanya consoles her. She says she can’t live without him. Vyom says she has to live for all of them. They have lost their dad, they can’t lose their mom now.

Vidyut is angry as he’s stuck in goddown instead watching Sharanya at home. Rajan comes there and throws chemical / patrol at him. He asks Vidyut what he thinks that he’s blind? Since Sharanya is out of coma, he has his bad sight on her and today he crossed all limits by reaching to her room. Vidyut says he made a mistake and apologizes. Rajan says Sharanya has to live in that house, he can’t take risk of leaving him alive. Rajan takes out matchbox. Vidyut says he will kill his brother for Sharanya? Rajan says Sharanya is Vyom’s life and he won’t let anyone play with his life. Rajan throws a match. Vidyut jumps in water. Rajan warns him if anyone comes between Vyom and Sharanya, then he will kill them. Next time he won’t give him a chance to jump in water. Rajan further tells him that he will stay in goddown until his bad habit is gone fully and when he comes out, he should watch her like a father-in-law.

Sharanya tells her mom that Odhni didn’t kill Ram, so Vyom is going for her bail. Her mom says one can fight with humanbeings, but can’t fight with souls. Saranaya says Ram never taught her to give up. Vyom says they will win this fight. They won’t spare whoever killed Ram.

Vidyut is angry at Rajan. He blames Sharanya for it. He intends to take revenge with letter that he found before Ram died. He calls Saranaya and says by now she must know that Odhni didn’t kill her dad, but that soul did. He has found something that will clear many of her doubts. Sharanya says she will come with Vyom. Vidyut says her to come alone and not involve Vyom. In this matter she can’t trust anyone. She asks then how she can trust him? He says he has a letter that she wrote to her dad just before her accident. After reading the letter, she will know a lot about her past. It has many secrets that she wouldn’t want to share with anyone, not even with Vyom. She asks what she has written and how she should believe that he’s saying the truth. He says she has written something about Shiv who hasn’t stopped following her even after his death. He asks her to write down address and come alone. Vyom has been watching all from distance. Sharanya says she is coming. She hopes Shiv doesn’t reach there before her and destroy all proofs. Vidyut finds Shiv in front of him.

Poem: Kash yahi ishq ki fitrat ho jaye, ki jise ho uski kismat ho jaye
isse bara gunah kya hoga ki, tumhaji wajah se kisi ko mohabbat se nafrat ho jaye.

Precap: Vidyut attempts to rape Sharanya. Shiv comes to the rescue.