Ek Deewana Tha 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Odhni Hears Freddy’s Clip

Sharanya lifts the blanket in an attempt to check the mark on Vyom’s leg. He asks her what she is doing. Shiv and Sharanya are taken aback. Vyom asks her what she is trying to find there. She replies that she took everyone’s blessing today on Karvachauth. You were left. Vyom walks up to her.

Sound engineer fixes the audio. Mohini hears it. Freddy speaks of Shiv. It is the spirit around Sharanya. She hears the recorded clip. There is some danger behind Shiv’s death. I might not live to tell you this. The culprit is from Bedi family. I know who it is!

Vyom puts Sharanya’s mangalsutra nicely. It got stuck in your hair. Take it off while sleeping atleast Pativrata Patni. She asks him to let her do the ritual then. I thought you would feel awkward amongst everyone outside so I

am doing it here. He holds her when she bends. You hold a place in my heart. He hugs her. Wife has a bigger status than husband in this relation. I am surprised as this relation dint mean anything to you earlier but look at you now. She replies that this relation has taken too many lives. Vyom remembers all the people who he had to kill. Shiv looks panicked. Vyom asks Sharanya whose life she is speaking about. She says you risked your life for my sake. You jumped from the terrace. He tells her that this relation means more than life to him. If this isn’t there then I only want to die! Shiv shakes his head at Sharanya signalling her to be quiet. Vyom asks Sharanya what she is looking at. Did you see SHiv’s ghost again? She looks at him in shock. I was just tired. He advises her to sleep. You dint eat anything during the day. There will be weakness. He makes her lie down and caresses her head while putting her to sleep. She is unhappy with his touch and holds the duvet angrily. Shiv keeps his hand over hers. Relax. Don’t say anything in anger. I am with you. She falls asleep. Vyom looks at her. You are so innocent. You don’t ask any questions ever! I love you more and more every day! He sleeps in that position only.

Odhni has set the table to find her answers (by invoking someone’s spirit). Hope I fail in finding my answers. If I get my answers then it would mean that I have lost my friend Freddy for forever. she starts her ritual of invoking the spirit. The dice begins to move leaving her shocked.

Next morning, Sharanya wakes up remembering Shiv’s murder. The room is empty. She wonders where Shiv is and goes out calling his name. She shouts his name repeatedly and turns but gets shocked seeing someone. It is Shiv. A smile appears on her face. He extends his arms to hug her. She ends up falling on the ground in muddied water. Shiv laughs. She scolds him. You did this intentionally. She picks another bucket to throw the water on him.

Flashback shows Sharanya throwing muddied water on Shiv. Talk to me nicely next time. Vyom appreciates her style. She continues taunting Shiv. You are going to be our junior now as you wont come to give exam in dirty clothes. You will reach the place you deserve as you have no brains. Vyom does thumbs up to her. This Lambu (tall guy) wont mess with you ever! Shiv walks away without saying anything. Flashback ends.

Sharanya keeps the bucket down. Shiv asks her if she still hasn’t changed her habit of crying to hide her mistakes. She says I did what I did. You turned out to be shameless though!

Sharanya and Vyom are writing their exam paper. Vyom asks Sharanya to help her. The examiner suddenly shouts. Sharanya looks up and finds Shiv standing their bare-chested. Vyom is about to take the blame when Shiv says my shirt got muddied and I couldn’t afford to buy new clothes. Please allow me to write the paper. Teacher gives him permission. Shiv sits down to write her exam. Sharanya keeps glancing at Shiv which irks him. Look in front or I will complain to teacher. She complies. Vyom looks at Shiv and Sharanya. Flashback ends.

Shiv calls her Vyom’s chamchi (someone who follows someone blindly). You used to do everything for him right? She nods. The friend turned out to be a cheater. He sent you so far away from me. He tells her to be strong and careful. You cannot fall weak. Vyom comes running to her and notices her tears. She shares that she fell in the mud. I started crying. He says I thought you spoke to Sadhvi ji. She nods. I spoke to her. Vyom looks at her in shock. What did she say? Sharanya says I called but it wasn’t reachable. He nods in relief. Don’t cry. It kills me. You will speak to Sadhvi ji tomorrow if not today. She will call you back when she will be free. Seems like you don’t feel the presence of the spirit since that puja? She nods. He keeps a hand around her shoulder. Our friendship will very soon turn into love. She looks at Shiv who follows them inside.

Vyom goes to take bath. She keeps his shirt back in the cupboard. Shiv asks her what this is. She replies that maybe this is the only way to find out what she wants to know. Vyom comes out but cannot find his cloth. She shares that she kept them in cupboard. He says I wanted to wear them. She replies that she did not like the colour combo. He smiles broadly. Take out the colour combo you like. Till when will I roam in towel? She looks at his legs. He turns around. She notices blood on his leg. Shiv shakes his head at Sharanya who is staring at Vyom in shock. She thinks of Shiv’s words. You will listen to me now Vyom Bedi!

Precap: Sharanya says there is someone in the house who can help me. She asks Madhvi about Shiv. Do you know him? Tell me anything that you know.