Ek Deewana Tha 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shiv And Sharanya Meet Odhni

Sharanya and Shiv argue cutely over Sharanya’s decision.

A flashback is shown. Sharanya tells Shiv he will have to do it. It isn’t an option. Shiv tells her against it but she insists. Try it once. You will enjoy it very much. Shiv is sure everything will change afterwards. He asks her what everyone will think about him then. She calls him fattu (coward) for being afraid of the world. He tells her to do / say anything but he wont do it. She knows he will do it. I can see it in your eyes. He asks her why she is forcing him to do it. She holds him by his collar. I want to do it only with you! College students misunderstand that she is talking openly about s*x. She clears that she was talking to Shiv about the college play. I was only trying to convince him to play Ranjha’s character.

Flashback ends.

Shiv says there was nothing new. I had to comply. You anyways don’t listen to anyone. He notices her face and asks her if she got upset. Sharanya says why I would feel bad. I am where I wanted to be. You know I don’t answer all your pointless questions. He follows her helplessly.

Sharanya and Shiv hear people speaking about a powerful woman. Shiv asks her why they are here. She tells him to leave as per his plan. You are going right! He asks her if she feels he wants to leave her. She tells him to try leaving her. I will follow you as a ghost wherever you will go! They see Odhni there and are taken aback.

Vyom leans closer to Madhvi menacingly. You are angry right? You hate me! She tells him to stop it. Why don’t you stop your blo*dy game? The road on which you are walking will take you down! Vyom says I know it. You only said that the result of bad deeds is bad only. I know everything but I am helpless. This heart is making me do everything! It loves Sharanya so much that it does anything!

Odhni sees Sharanya and sees some flashes. She shouts that he is here. People are surprised. Odhni sends everyone away. I must meditate. They all leave. Sharanya follows Odhni. Shiv smiles. Odhni hides. He is here! Sharanya asks her what is happening. Odhni says I told you to come alone. Why is that ghost here? We cannot talk here. We must go somewhere else or that guy will come along!

Sharanya asks Shiv if Odhni can see him. Odhni is shocked. You can see him? Are you a ghost too? Shiv says she cannot see me but feel my presence. Apologize to her on my behalf. I agree went a little overboard last time. Sharanya repeats his words to Odhni. Odhni says he held my neck angrily and banged my head on the wall. I was unconscious for 2 days! Sharanya asks Shiv when it happened. He replies that it was when she was trying to catch hold of him in the mirrors. Tell her I got angry seeing Vyom trying to come close to you. Sharanya tells Odhni Shiv is apologizing to her. So much happened that day. Please forgive him. Odhni stops her mid sentence. She calls out to Shiv. Sharanya can see and talk to you. Why couldn’t I see you when I called out to you with my chants?

Shiv says I came in this world only for and because of Sharanya. It was my last wish. Sharanya gets emotional. Odhni looks around but is still unable to see shiv. Shiv says this is why only Sharanya can see me. odhni claps to distract Sharanya. He is a ghost and not Shah Rukh Khan from some romantic film! Sharanya replies that Shiv is her everything. Odhni canot understand why she is taking the side of a ghost and not her husband. Sharanya says he is my love, the love which remained incomplete; the wish which couldn’t come true; the dream which broke!

Odhni is shocked. Sharanya tells her everything. We are trying to find the one who killed Shiv. Odhni says the one who killed your Shiv is after my and Freddy’s life too. It is their helplessness to keep Freddy safe in your house and want to kill me! I somehow saved Freddy and sent him to your home but the goons did everything possible to kill me! They caught me in these walls. I thought I wont be able to breathe and no one would be able to find about me! they left a gap though. They left the moment they made the wall. The moment they left, I used all my strength to break the wall. Some people witness her doing so and mistake her to be some Mata ji. I changed so no one could recognize me. Sharanya apologizes to her for bearing all this for her sake. I promise you wont have any trouble after today. Shiv tells Sharanya to ask her if she saw someone. Sharanya asks her about it. Odhni shares that she dint see the face but she saw that person wearing a bracelet. She explains about it. Sharanya shows it to her shocking Sharanya. Do you know her? Sharanya declines. I don’t know her but I know that that person is Shiv’s killer. I saw that person watching Shiv die and I am sure that that person gave Shiv the last blow. All the clues go against Vyom.

Vyom sighs. Do you remember that you used to save me whenever I used to make any mistake in childhood? You never let anyone scold me. I used to feel safe, secure whenever you were around me. I am all alone now. I lie to hide one lie and it goes on and on. I fear losing Sharanya. I need you once again today. I want to feel safe and secured. Will you help me?

Odhni is shocked. Vyom? Sharanya nods. Only he had a reason to kil Shiv. Everything will be clear if I prove that this bracelet is Vyom’s. Shiv tells her it wont be easy. She knows it but he asks of deadline. She tells him to stop torturing her. Odhni says now I realise that he only was your lover before his death. You both keep fighting now always. She calls out to Shiv. The swing starts moving. Odhni tells him to stop troubling Sharanya. She is trying to find the truth and you are scolding her instead. Sharanya calls him khadus. Shiv ends up mocking Odhni for being so fat. Odhni decides to beat him once she is able to see him.

Sharanya asks Odhni what she wanted to tell her. Odhni shares that the killer killed Shiv with the same weapon with which he killed your father. I came in the party to get the fingerprints only but someone stole it from me and killed your father! Sharanya gets teary eyed. Shiv asks Sharanya to ask Odhni from where she got it. Odhni replies that she got it in a locker in the cloak room in Kapali Hills. Sharanya says Shiv was murdered there only. Killer hid the knife after killing Shiv. Odhni is sure CCTV footage will help her track down the killer. She requests Sharanya to make her meet Freddy once. Sharanya assures her she will make her meet Freddy for sure. She gets Madhvi’s call. Madhvi asks Sharanya to come home asap. I need you. She screams in the background which worries Sharanya. She tells Shiv they must head home. Mom’s life is in danger.

Precap: Vyom pulls Sharanya and dances with her forcibly on Humma Humma song. Shiv angrily blows out all the candles. Vyom looks around angrily. Shiv glares at Vyom.