Ek Deewana Tha 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Odhni Finds Clue About Freddy

Sharanya notices blood on his leg. Shiv shakes his head at Sharanya who is staring at Vyom in shock. She thinks of Shiv’s words. You will listen to me now Vyom Bedi! Shiv tells her not to do anything. We saw the mark but this isn’t the right time. She tells Vyom it is time to fix everything. Vyom asks her why she is shouting. He wipes blood off his leg. She is taken aback to see it clean. He says bottle fell on my leg in the bathroom. Are you ok? She nods. You wear girlish colour always which I don’t like. I hate pink. He falls for her words but she ends up laughing. I was only kidding. She gives him shirt. I was only joking. He holds her hand asking her what the matter is. You were just pulling my leg right? She nods. I have imbibed your habits too. He smiles and goes to get ready.

She heaves a sigh of relief.

Odhni cries realising that Freddy is no more. Where are you? The dice shifts to alphabets. Odhni jots them down – City Mental Asylum. She cries. I couldn’t do anything. The dice shifts to no. She wonders if it is Freddy’s spirit. The dice stays put on no. She asks the spirit who he is.

Sharanya asks Shiv what they should do. Every way seems to disappear. How will we find the culprit? He advises her to leave it all and go home. She refuses to back down and recalls Madhvi blaming her for everything all along. There is someone in the house who can help me – Madhvi aunty! Shiv remembers meeting her. Why would she help you? Sharanya says my family wanted me to marry Vyom as he acted to be really nice before them. My family thought no one else could love me more than him and that he was perfect for me! Vyom’s family also felt that there could not be a better girl for him than me but there were 2 people who dint want this wedding to happen. One was you and other one was Madhvi aunty! I found out about your intention but Madhvi aunty never liked me. She dint want me to marry Vyom. I have to find out the reason behind it.

Vyom is rocking someone. I told you that Sharanya will be mine. She has started falling for me. You know she went to Kapali Hills alone for me? I sometimes think she did so much for me. She fought with ghosts and spirits for me! It was different that it was her lover who hurt me badly but I can do this much for me. She kept karvachauth fast for me and wanted to touch my feet. I did not let her do it though as she deserves a place in my heart. She stays in my heart and not in my feet!

Sharanya requests Madhvi to help her cook Vyom’s favourite dish. Madhvi shares that she hasn’t cooked since many years. I made coffee for him last time which he threw because of you. Sharanya says he must be missing it so much. Let’s make his favourite dish. Madhvi stays put. Sharanya says things are becoming fine slowly. Madhvi calls it her dream. Rajan asks Madhvi why she is being so rude to Sharanya. What would go wrong if you will help her? In India, MIL’s get upset when DIL’s cannot keep her sons happy. Sharanya wants to keep Vyom happy and you are saying no? He asks Sharanya to make preps. I will send her. Sharanya goes.

Madhvi smiles. You switched the button and puppet is ready to follow instructions. You have made me a puppet! He tells her that Sharanya isn’t as simple as she appears to be. She is calling you in private as she wants to ask you something. You know the consequences if you tell her anything. It will happen to you and your son. Finger on your lips! Madhvi leaves quietly.

Vyom says I love her madly. She has started to understand my love too now. Sharanya only belongs to Vyom. Say it. She took out the clothes of her choice for me today. How am I looking? I don’t like pink so much but Sharanya’s choice is my choice. Her wish is my command. I have started to feel really happy. I feel all my dreams will come true eventually. I am going now. Have food. I always tell everyone one thing. It is Vyom’s madness which will show its colour eventually. It will never come off once that happens. You and the world can see it. Sharanya is already under its effect.

Sharanya asks Madhvi why she dint want this wedding to happen. Madhvi replies that she never liked her. Sharanya says Vyom loves me so much. Dad likes me too. What is it that is not letting you accept me? Madhvi says I have said it once. Why do you keep asking it again and again? Shiv sits by the window. Sharanya does not give up. She again asks Madhvi about it. I know you are hiding something from me. You kept saying that everything will be finished if I marry Vyom. Why did you say so? What did it mean? Shiv tells Sharanya to be quiet. She is not going to tell you anything. We cannot anyway trust anyone in this house! Sharanya asks Madhvi again. Madhvi gets teary eyed. Flashes of the bloodied dagger are shown.

Odhni again asks the spirit who he is. She notes the words. It is someone by the name Mary. She suddenly realises it is Freddy’s grandmother. The dice moves to yes. Odhni asks her if Freddy is alive. The dice again moves to yes giving hope to Odhni. Thank you! I will not let anything happen to your grandson. Get prepared Mental Asylum. Odhni is coming to get her friend.

Sharanya asks Madhvi what the matter was. Shiv tells her not to scare Madhvi. She might do something. Sharanya says you will have to answer my questions today mom. Only you can help me solve all the problems. I am very much concerned about Vyom. What if anything happens to him? Please tell me. You took Shiv’s name. Madhvi nods. Sharanya asks her if she knows Shiv. Madhvi recalls her outburst during her inebriated state last time. Sharanya continues asking her to speak up. Flashes of Sharanya, Shiv and Vyom’s past are shown.

Preap: Sharanya and Shiv are waiting for Shiv. It is an hour now. She is still not here. Vyom blocks Madhvi’s way. Where are you off to? Glass’s reflection flashes on Sharanya’s face. Sharanya and Shiv look up. They see the same car there which was present on the bridge when Shiv was killed.