Ek Deewana Tha 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Odhni Reaches Mental Asylum To Find Freddy

Sharanya continues asking her to speak up. Madhvi is about to say something when she remembers Rajan’s warning. Sharanya asks her again to which Madhvi replies that she isn’t hiding anything. Don’t ask me useless questions. I told you I don’t know anything. I don’t have answers to your questions. Don’t ask me such ridiculous questions again. Sharanya holds her hand. You will have to tell me what you are hiding from me today! Madhvi ends up slapping her. Don’t dare to hold my hand ever again. Shiv stands up angrily but Sharanya holds out her hand at him. Madhvi shouts that she was only hiding her anger. I cannot bear it anymore. Do you understand? She goes. Shiv looks upset but Sharanya tells him to look at the floor. They look at the fallen pieces of breads

on the floor – Meet me in an hour in old garage!

Odhni comes to Mental Asylum acting to be mad. She notices the name of Board of Directors on the wall. Rajan’s name is on the top. She realises she was right. Rajan used his contacts to send Freddy here. I have to find out where he has been kept.

Shiv tells Sharanya to think again. I don’t trust Madhvi. You are going there all alone. She points out that they have no other option. I am sure she knows a lot about that secret. We must take this risk. Vyom asks her who she was talking to just now. Don’t say that you are talking to Sadhvi ji. She nods. I was talking to her only. Vyom remembers killing Sadhvi ji and looks at her pointedly. You were speaking to her? She nods again.

Doctor and ward boys of the asylum lock Odhni in a room. She wonders how to find Freddy inside the cell. She hears a muffled groan and wonders where it is coming from. There is a window in her room. She looks down and notices doctor giving electric shock to Freddy. Doc tells ward boy that Bedi has instructed them not to kill him. We only have to make him mad. He will be left for no good after yesterday’s treatment anyways. She ducks to avoid being seen and cries. I wont spare Rajan Bedi! He will have to pay for every shock given to Freddy.

Sharanya tells Vyom that Sadhvi ji cares so much for them. I was only telling her that everything is fine. I was telling her that only. I thought to personally thank her. I will be back in sometime. She leaves followed by Shiv. Vyom realises she is lying. Lie in return of my love, my madness? I lied to gain you. Who are you lying for?

Odhni overhears Doctor telling security about the Inspection team coming tomorrow. Give shock to Freddy if he does anything wrong or tries to act smart. We have to finish him tonight. It is Bedi Sir’s strict orders. Meet me in sometime. Guard goes to freshen up leaving the key on the rack. She prays to God and Granny Mary to help her. She notices the key lying nearby.

Sharanya and Shiv are waiting for Madhvi. It is an hour now. She is still not here. Shiv still does not trust Madhvi but Sharanya is sure she will come as it concerns Vyom.

Madhvi is going downstairs when Vyom blocks her way. She is taken aback to see him.

Shiv suggests Sharanya to go home but she refuses. He ask sher if he can leave her. She challenges him to try. He says I left once. I am back again. she sits down next to him and smiles. Keep sitting here then.

Vyom asks his mother where she is off to. She says I was just going out for some work. He stands up and looks at her. Why do you hurt me? She is taken aback by his question.

Sharanya is worried. Don’t know when she will come. She covers her eyes because of blinding sunlight. Shiv immediately stands next to her. I wanted to stand before you as your shield in face of any problem but I have ended up being just a shadow. She says you are a shadow which wont leave my side ever. People become strangers while alive. You came back from the other world for me. It isn’t less. He feels bad for letting her face it all alone. She tells him she isn’t alone. You are with me. I would not be able to do anything without you. He uses his powers to shift the dupatta between her and sunlight. She says you can do what no one can do. You were and will always be my rock star. Shiv smiles. The reflection falls on her face again and she looks away. They look up and notice the same car there which was present on the bridge when Shiv was killed.

Odhni uses magnet to get the key. She manages to free herself.

Vyom says those who I love the most are hiding things from me. One is Sharanya and then you. She shakes her head but he asks her again. She lies that she was just going out for some work. It is nothing else. Trust me. He thinks they both were saying something in kitchen earlier after which Sharanya lied to me. Now mom is going somewhere without telling me. He mentally apologizes to Madhvi.

Precap: Vyom throws Madhvi down the stairs. Why do you say so? Why don’t you support your son ever? World will say that the son was bad. Would they believe that it wasn’t the son but mother who is bad?