Ek Deewana Tha 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhvi Acts For Vyom’s Sake

Sharanya and Shiv return home. They hear Madhvi screaming. Sharanya rushes to her. Madhvi tells her she is very much scared. Sharanya assures her she is with her. what are you afraid of? Madhvi thinks of Vyom and points at the tv. A very good horror movie is coming. It is too good and I got scared. It is good that you came. Let’s watch it together. Sharanya asks her if she got scared while watching movie. Madhvi nods. Shiv tells Sharanya she is lying. Sharanya says tv is off. Madhvi lies that she switched it off feeling scared. I thought to watch it with someone. Vyom is also not at home so I called you. Shiv adds that Vyom is at home. why is she lying? He asks Sharanya if she recalls the gift she gave to him before the play.

Flashback shows Sharanya giving a gift to Shiv as he agreed

to play the role of Ranjha. We don’t find good guys for play these days anyways. It is a thank you. He tells her thanks is enough. She speaks of kiss but then covers up saying how she can call him anyone. you are mine and I am your (well-wisher). I saw tears in your eyes when Vyom came. He advises her not to be under any misunderstanding. Will I cry for you? She tells him she would have beaten the guy if it was someone else in his place. You are mine though. Tell me if you are taking this gift or not. She leaves no option for him. Shiv is about to take it but Vyom takes it. Vyom taunts SHiv that he would have never seen such an expensive gift in his entire life. Thank you! He walks away. Shiv tells Sharanya Vyom is right. I don’t deserve such a gift.

Shiv tells Sharanya this is the smell of that perfume only. Vyom is standing outside only. Vyom is indeed standing outside. Sharanya walks out of the room. Madhvi calls out after her to stop when Vyom enters. Are you fine? Is mom okay? Madhvi repeats her lie to him. Vyom kisses her on her forehead. Shiv knows he is acting. Vyom asks Sharanya to make soup for mom. She agrees and turns to go when he asks her where she went to today. Sharanya lies that she went to meet her friend. Vyom asks about the friend. Sharanya agrees to make him meet her friend at the right time. She leaves. Vyom tells madhvi their plan is successful. Sharanya came back. Now you are not just my mom but my partner in crime too. Shiv hears it.

Shiv tells it to Sharanya. She tells him she knows it already but they need a solid proof to catch Vyom red handed. We will find it in Kapali Hills. I have to do a really important thing before Vyom comes. She takes soup for Madhvi. Vyom is hiding in the cupboard. You wont change Sharanya! Why are you not understanding my love while staying
When will you leave my love’s side? what was she talking about? No worried. I will find out!

Sharanya comes to Freddy’s room. She tries to talk to him but he begins to shout murderer again. She covers his mouth telling him to calm down. Vyom hears him shouting and realises Sharanya is in Freddys room. Sharanya asks Freddy to meet his friend. You wont shout right? He nods. Sharanya opens the window to let Odhni in. Odhni hugs Freddy excitedly. I lost full 1 kg when you weren’t there. Where were you? I told you to stay in touch! Could you not call? She hits him but he asks her why she is hitting him. She agrees not to hit him again and smiles. He touches her face. You are very cute. Shiv and Sharanya smile seeing them thus. Freddy asks Odhni if she will become his friend and play with her. She nods. He shows her his toys. Odhni is pained to see his condition. Vyom calls out to Sharanya. Sharanya and Odhni get alert.

Vyom comes to Freddy’s room and finds her feeding Freddy. Sharanya lies that she came to give him soup before medicine. Odhni is hiding right behind the door. Vyom is about to step inside but Sharanya tells him against it. Freddy is recovering. It is his time to sleep. He wont sleep if you will be here. She takes him outside.

Odhni goes to Freddy who is playing with paper airplane. They turned my handsome detective into some mad kid! I swear I wont spare those who did this to you!

Vyom asks Sharanya if she is hiding something from him. She declines. He asks her if Freddy said something to her. Did he get his memory back? She shakes her head. he again asks her what she is hiding then. She says I can ask you the same question then. what is the secret that you are hiding? I heard you talking about going to Kapali Hills. There were no plants or sunshine who you can lie to be speaking to. She recalls her conversation with Shiv in the kitchen and lies to Vyom. I want to go to Kapali Hills to pray for our family. Everything became easy since I returned. He points out that everyone else’s problems have increased instead. Only you are at epace. That ghost does not harm you anymore. Is it that that ghost fell in love with you and wants you? Shiv tells Sharanya Vyom knows everything. He knows I am back. Vyom repeats his questions at Sharanya. What are you hiding from me then and why? You know I cannot bear to be away from you and cannot think of anyone else but you! She tells him to calm down. It isn’t so. She acts to be nice to him and cups his face. You worry so much for me. My sweetu! He hugs her asking her to tell him once that she loves him. she parts telling him to relax. He insists upon making her say it. She tells him to relax. He smiles. I can see it in your eyes that you love me. it is said that silence of a girl means love. we should celebrate tonight as you confessed your love for the first time. We can celebrate and we should! She tries to go but he lifts her in his arms. No excuse wont work today. you just called me your sweetu! She keeps asking to let her go but in vain.

Vyom puts Sharanya on the bed and closes the door from inside. Shiv walks in. He stops in his tracks seeing Vyom lights a lighter. Sharanya asks him to put it away but he asks her since when she got scared of fire. He lights candles in the room. Sharanya tells him to stop it but in vain. Shiv says he knows it well that fire is my weakness. Don’t you remember what he did during haldi? She thinks of Vyom’s assault that day. Shiv says there were candles everywhere that day too. I couldn’t do anything as you weren’t with me. You are with me today. I wont spare him if he will try to do anything tonight!

Vyom thinks I know you are here Shiv. You are jealous seeing me with Sharanya. I will see till when you will control. You will have to come in front of me today. Let’s stop this rat and mouse game. Make me realise your presence. Tell me you are here!

Precap: Vyom pulls Sharanya and dances with her forcibly on Humma Humma song. Shiv angrily blows out all the candles. Vyom looks around angrily. Shiv glares at Vyom.